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Hi gone through the manual and looked at some videos on the black cat forum but need help

catseyescatseyes Member Posts: 161
edited April 2011 in General
now i know that to cut from mtc and to use the black cat mat it has to come in from the right with the arrow at the top going into the machine 2 inches does it need to be 2 inches from the top too,and how do you work out how to place the cardstock in relation to the mtc screen,once i have worked that out or have it explained to me,am i right in thinking i go to the lower right corner of where i place my cardstock and use the laser and origin key to set where the paper is so it will cut as one mtc screen.I have read what i have written and dont know if anyone can make it click with me,i have watched tylers and casey's videos but i have not found anything to explain about paper postion.

thanks in advance.


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