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Inkscape help? [Resolved]

happy2bscrappinhappy2bscrappin Member Posts: 973
edited February 2010 in Resolved Issues
I opened inkscape and all I could think is wow and I closed it for a later time. Any great places for tutorials on inkscape?
I downloaded inkscape in hopes that eventually I will figure out MTC and Inkscape and will be able to do great things :) I have been able to figure out some of MTC and can cut files that others have done, but I want to venture out and get the most out of the program. I still don't understand all of the boolean, smoothing, nodes etc. but I'm trying. I haven't had alot of time to put into it.
Another question is - How does inkscape help MTC better? What can I do with it? Thanks for any help you great people can share with me.


  • 3v03v0 Member Posts: 23

    Or you can find them in inkscape
    via Help > Tutorials

    Take you time with inkscape and you will get there from here.

  • chateechatee Member Posts: 72
    I actually use paint. I don't have Inkscape on my computer. I am still learning about MTC as well. I love it!
  • cleversomedaycleversomeday Member Posts: 1,183
    If you look at my comparison chart you can see some things that Inkscape can do that MTC can't yet.

    I like to use Inkscpape for laying out large wall art, etc. so I an determine the overall size and plan my sections, etc.
    Also, if you do your welding and shadowing in Inkscape, you will have a file with a lot fewer nodes and be able to cut faster.
  • chateechatee Member Posts: 72
    Is this a free program? The reason I did not get SCAL was because of Inkscape. I heard it's difficult for those of us who are computer dummies. What does it do diff from Paint?
    Thanks Christine
  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    Inkscape is a free program.

    The basic difference between Paint and Inkscape is that Paint is a raster-based program and Inkscape is a vector-based program. A raster image (like one from Paint) is made up of lots of little dots. If you enlarge it too far, you'll get lots of jagged edges. A vector image (like one from Inkscape) is made up of data points that tell your monitor (in the case of what you see on the screen), your printer (what is printed) or in our cases, the Cricut where to turn, stop, start, etc. Because they're made up of numbers, they're scalable. When you enlarge it, you still get the smooth lines and curves, etc.

    I've probably been as clear as mud here.
  • stackyscrapsstackyscraps Member Posts: 1,084
    I think that is the best explanation of it I have ever heard waterrabbit!!!
  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    I can picture the difference in my brain, but I can't always explain it!
  • stackyscrapsstackyscraps Member Posts: 1,084
    lol tell me about it!!!
  • iggyloveriggylover Moderator Posts: 11,513
    I love the MTC tutorials put out by ScrappyDew and he has also done several on inkscape. You can find them here:

    Hope this helps,

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  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    I have to say that Inkscape itself has some of the better tutorials and instructions I've found with any graphics program. They can take some time to go through, but they're generally well written and illustrated.
  • happy2bscrappinhappy2bscrappin Member Posts: 973
    Thanks everyone. I'm off to check it all out. I knew I could count on you :)
  • chateechatee Member Posts: 72
    Does anyone have a reliable link to Inkscape? I would like to check it out.
  • chateechatee Member Posts: 72
    waterrabbit, I also meant to say thanks for explaining.
  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    Christine - you're very welcome! It can be very confusing when you first approach these sorts of things. I did it in the stone age - my first graphics program was MacDraw back in 1991, I think?

    As for a link to Inkscape, I know I just googled Inkscape download. The main site is www.inkscape.org - I believe. And I know there was some sort of delay on the download, but I just clicked again and it came up. That happened when I downloaded it to both of my PCs, so I figure it is just a quirk.
  • CarrieCarrie Member Posts: 1,169
    edited May 2010
    I learned so much with inkscape, but with playing with the different tools, like to reset everything, I am trying the free hand tool (pencil) to draw in black, and not fill it, I try to change it, but the lines keeps staying in light grey. Before I would use the pencil and draw in black that's it. I have inkscape 0.47.
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  • CarmenOCarmenO Member Posts: 1,112
    I am a visual person and I learn so much easier if I actually see someone do things. Penny Duncan creations has some excellent tuts. on using inkscape. I was very lost and now have managed to accomplish quite a lot using her tutorials.
    Gazelle, Cameo
  • SassyLady_LisaSassyLady_Lisa Member Posts: 1,132
    I'm learning Inkscape as well! I have finished one of the tutorials and played with it. It was fun! The only bad thing is that with all of this new stuff to learn and play with, the house work is suffering again!!!

    Live Love Craft
  • SBryanWSBryanW Administrator Posts: 5,293
    pcpaws - I'm not sure if you were actually asking a question, but there are several reasons why the lines appear to be staying light gray. One reason is the width of the stroke - sometimes if it is relatively thin, it will appear gray instead of black. Zoom it to see if that is the case. Others could be because the color really isn't black, or the opacity is not at 100%. To check those, you can go to the Fill and Stroke window (Ctrl+Shift+F) and check the "Stroke paint" color, and the opacity (slide bar at the bottom of that window). Let me know if you have any questions.
  • CarrieCarrie Member Posts: 1,169
    Zoom, that's all I had to do, LOL, one 4 letter word helped out. I would of responded back sooner, had a funeral to go to today.
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