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Inkscape and MTC help

michi804michi804 Member Posts: 4
edited February 2010 in General
I'm not sure what Im doing wrong and hopefully someone can explain/help me.

I had two images that I tried to trace on MTC and both times, they ended up not looking good after I traced it (lines would not look straight) no matter how much I alter the threshold value. So I took the jpg image over to inkscape and was able to trace it nicely. Once I imported the svg over to MTC, parts of the image ended up looking noticeably skewed (squares become rounded or flatten on some corners) or parts of it were missing in MTC but on inkscape they are present (ex: parts of shirt are gone in MTC but it is present in inkscape's svg). I even tried importing the image into scal1 and the image looks even worse (the pieces are scattered all over the place). Im wondering what I'm doing wrong. I use to be able to make SVGs from inkscape and cut them just fine.

One of the images I was trying to do was a prtscreen of the golden gate bridge from the destinations cartridge. No matter what program I use, the lines never look the same or as straight as in CDS. Im beginning to wonder if I should just buy the cartridge instead.


  • AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
    when you save to svg in inkscape, choose "Plain SVG" like this...
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  • michi804michi804 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the quick reply!

    I tried saving it as a plain.svg (btw, thanks for the picture! it was very helpful). Once I selected my save as type, it saves it and the save window goes away. However, once I close the program, I get this msg:
    "The file "4.svg" was saved with a format (org.inkscape.output.svg.inkscape) that may cause data loss! Do you want to save this file as an inkscape SVG?" and it gives me these options: Close without saving, cancel, save as svg"

    When I choose the save as svg, and try to save as plain svg, the window goes away but as soon as I close the program, i get the same error. So thinking that the window had disappeared after I saved it and the file is now on my desktop, I close without saving in order to get rid of the msg and to be able to close the program. I open the file in MTC, and its still flawed and does not look like the inkscape SVG. Not sure what I am still doing wrong..
  • missiethegalmissiethegal Member Posts: 357
    The newest version inkscape has been creating weird issues for svgs imported into MTC and SCAL. A few things that might help would be simplify the image (Ctl+L) in inkscape, if that doesn't help, you can try to play with the path>union button, that seems to work for some too.
    You don't even have to open the file in MTC, just look at its preview to see if it has improved (just be sure to save first)

    If you need any help you can post your file here and I can see try my hand at it too ;)
  • TylerTyler Member Posts: 850
    I have gotten around it by taking my shapes in inkscape, drawing a large rectangle around the shapes and then taking the difference between the my desired shapes and the large rectangle. I then save the rectangle, as an svg, import it into MTC, and take the layer of that. From there, I can delete the now background rectangle and I have my desired images. Good luck!
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  • pigtailpatpigtailpat Member Posts: 1,519
    I do not like the trace engine in inkscape, it's terrible. I find the best, best way to convert .jpegs to .svg's is by using total vectorize. It does cost money, but it is only a $40 application and saves alot of wear and tear and frustration. The images produced by total vectorize is simply amazing. There is a free 30-day fully functionable trial available from the company.
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  • PepacatPepacat Member Posts: 21
    Thank you for that reference pigtailpat. I have been in and downloaded total vectorize and it certainly traces the jpegs easily and very clearly. i cannot believe how much I am learning off this forum.
  • michi804michi804 Member Posts: 4
    After Missiethegal mentioned that the newest inkscape causes problems with imported SVGs into MTC and SCAL, I looked online for an old version (0.46 is the previous version of the newest one), downloaded it, and tried it. And sure enough, the issues were no longer there and I didnt have to save as plain svgs either. Thanks!!

    I am also going to look into the program total vectorize. Thanks for the suggestion pigtailpat!
  • missiethegalmissiethegal Member Posts: 357
    glad you found a solution!
    I don't know why there are issues using the newest inkscape, but just keep this in mind if you ever come across a file or tutorial that doesn't work like you think it should, that could be the culprit!
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