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Make the Cut! VS Sure Cuts A Lot Which one is Better?

tattnkatetattnkate Member Posts: 2
edited February 2010 in General
Ok, I just figured out how to us SCAL and now I'm wondering if Make the Cut! is easier or better, can anyone help me out here?


  • TylerTyler Member Posts: 850
    I have SCAL2 and MTC. SCAL does a good job at cutting and a good number of your basic operations. Yesterday they had an update that added some nice features such as node editing. MTC, however is innovative and constantly improving. It already has It is easy to work with and has some awesome features that are lacking in SCAL. I thought I was sold on SCAL when I bought it, but then last week I bought MTC and have been extremely impressed in every way! I especially love how MTC is constantly improving. From what I understand, MTC has been available for less than two months, but it is already the leading cricut cutting software. It was definitely worth the money!
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  • tattnkatetattnkate Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for helping me with this. I never know when SCAL has an update let alone how to update it. I have been reading this forum a bit tonight and I think I'm going to get MTC tonight. It does seem a lot easier, just by looking at the tuts. Thank you all for them as well!!
  • missiethegalmissiethegal Member Posts: 357
    I think right now they are pretty much neck and neck... I would recommend playing with the MTC trial to see how you like it-- there are some differences that are kinda hard to get used to after using SCAL's way for so long. I've been a SCAL user since I've gotten my cricut and it's a toss up for me at this point (as in I'm using both ;) ) 2 months ago I would have said SCAL, 2 days ago I would have said MTC-- but now that SCAL has the new node editing and drawing tools (which I've been dreaming of forever) I can't choose one over the other. But I do know that Andy, the creator of MTC, is working on an update to be released soon, so I may be choosing sides yet again!
    Also, Andy is active here on the forum and is very involved with us users-- and to me, that makes a world of difference. You know he cares about his program and has constantly been listening to us and bettering it for us since the get-go. On the otherhand, I hate seeing all the unanswered questions on the SCAL forums directed at Todd... we have no idea if he's working to fix bugs or if an update is in the works-- you're just kinda hanging out there in the dark hoping for the best.

    So there ya go... that's what I think at least for today lol!!
  • AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
    plus MTC has had 7 major updates in less than a month.

    MTC has been out for a month... and for something that has been out for a month to be "neck-and-neck" with something that has been out for 2 years isn't bad :)
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  • stackyscrapsstackyscraps Member Posts: 1,084
    ;) I just wanted to add that I had no experience with either, tried both from scratch, and found MTC easier to use, and decided on it even before all of the fabulous updates. Add in the developer being available for questions/concerns/suggestions pretty much nonstop, I have really found the whole experience to be pretty unbelievably great. Why not download the free trial and play with it and see what you think yourself?

    Hope it helps,
  • craftydivacraftydiva Member Posts: 265
    I have both but have had so many cutting problems with SCAL, its not even worth the waste of paper.....
    Andy is right here when we need him and customer service is a big plus point for me : )
  • pigtailpatpigtailpat Member Posts: 1,519
    When I first got my cricut in November, it sat for a month because I was so busy I couldn't open it, and during the latter part of December I finally got to open and start learning. Once I started, I began to investigate connecting to a computer. I actually bought the design studio software, as MTC had not quite been released, and I looked at SCAL (this was at a time when you had to use inkscape in order to use SCAL) and I uninstalled quickly after testing because it looked so complicated. A few days later MTC was released. I was so impressed I purchased almost immediately. What impresses me most about MTC is Andy himself, this to me is the difference between MTC and SCAL. He is so patient with us, cares deeply about the program and always striving to make it better. Moreover, I looked at the board over at SCAL, there was so much negativity there from SCAL users on MTC, I didn't like the tone or "feel" of that board, it reminded me too much about the provocraft board. I do believe that SCAL, having been a product in existence for 2 years and having a big head start on MTC, probably has some features that MTC does not yet have, but MTC is very young and still a work in progress. I have alot of faith in Andy, who is working almost 24/7 on MTC. Here, people don't put SCAL down, there are many users here of both programs, and Andy fosters here a feeling of mutual respect for both, in the spirit of healthy competition. However, you should know that the recent SCAL improvements came because its owner (Todd) is trying to catch up with Andy and not the other way around. I do think that Todd deserves alot of respect, because with SCAL, he paved the way for MTC, and we, the users of MTC, have that to be thankful for.
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  • lauraleelauralee Member Posts: 43
    as a very new user.... i would get MTC just because of the support alone.... just on this board alone the gals are awesome..
    plus as someone who has to watch her pennies... MTC has the way better cost... as i found out from stackyscraps.. thanks again stacy..
    i trialled both all of last week... just my two cents worth..
    i also had someone tell me.. MTC is for the less experienced computer user... scal is for more experienced as it is good but harder to figure out..
    i found that to be true..
  • sjh9902sjh9902 Member Posts: 340
    I have both (but not SCAL 2) and use MTC all the time! I do not like my SCAL software at all. Just the Layout and all the stinkin windows turned me off of it. I have had it for over a year and have used it 2-3 times. Its just not real user-friendly IMHO. I have still used Inkscape for somethings but have been able to avoid it for most of my projects. And I agree, Andy and this MB are Awesome!!!!
  • eleanoreleanor Member Posts: 30
    To be fair, MTC IS only a couple of months old. Andy is active now because it is new - there's not telling how active he will be when MTC has been around as long as SCAL. JMO.
  • SandyWSandyW Member Posts: 1,289
    To me I would say MTC!

    I am pretty good at figuring software programs and how to use them. I know with Scal I had heard you have to do a lot of work with Inkscape too. I have tried to play around with Inkscape and find that it is not really easy as far as the learning curve goes. ...... Not that way with MTC....and you really only have to use that one program.

    I am happy!! even more so now knowing I don't have to buy another cartridge. I have 31 carts since I got my Cricut Dec 2008. Wish MTC! would have been produced a few carts earlier.
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  • Sheri_in_TXSheri_in_TX Member Posts: 559
    MTC hands down. I had 3 girls here today to learn to use their Bugs. One had seen SCAL and was thinking about getting it. I showed the MTC and all three sat here and bought it, downloaded it and started using it immediately. It is SO incredibly user friendly there is virtually no learning curve.

    I have several other friends who have purchased MTC and are no longer using their SCAL2.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
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  • Kris_in_AlaskaKris_in_Alaska Member Posts: 244
    I'll add my two cents... I liked my carts but wanted to be able to manipulate images more than CDS can do. I'd thought about SCAL and looked it over although never downloaded a trial version. While the graphic designer in me wanted a way to manipulate images I didn't want to spend hours doing it! And I felt like I would have to do that with SCAL. Lo, and behold, I see MTC listed (do you know I can't even remember where I saw it... I know it was only out for a few days when I saw it though) and watched scrappydews or stackyscraps tutorials and was hooked from then on! I'm not even considering any other software for my Cricut and haven't used CDS much since MTC came out either! And like everyone has said.... heeeeeeeeeere's Andy! How many other software developers frequent the message boards/forums??? And participate?? And answer questions?? And learns from us (i.e.: fake George cart) with gratitude?
    Nope, if Andy weren't already married, he'd have had a thousand proposals by now ;o)
  • grandmamichelfgrandmamichelf Member Posts: 372
    I wandered in here curious. I downloaded both trial versions of each software. Took me 5 minutes to remove SCAL from my computer and purchase MTC. MTC is easy. I'm still learning and Andy keeps updating so I keep learning. Crazy, but fun! Easy to use!
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  • eleanoreleanor Member Posts: 30
    I don't know what happened to my comment. I only said that to be fair, Andy was active on the forum because MTC was new, but how active would he be in 2 years? Was there something wrong with that?
  • AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
    i'll be here in 2 years... there's nothing wrong with that :)
    I don't often test my code... But when I do, I do it in production.
  • CarrieCarrie Member Posts: 1,169
    I tried both programs as trial, good way to decide which you like better. I bet you can't guess which I like better? LOL, otherwise I wouldn't be in this forum.
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  • eleanoreleanor Member Posts: 30
    I have SCAL, but I do all my designing in Inkscape. I'm trying out the MTC trial (got an offer I'm finding hard to refuse!), but honestly I'm so used to designing outside the program, I'm not sure it's worth it....
  • rachellann_ID714rachellann_ID714 Banned Posts: 10,251
    I have Scal 1&2 yes used inkscape and also realdraw pro and corel paint shop pro12 , have ds and several other programs, Whan I came across MTC I decided to download the trial and then played with it about three days and bought it, Andy has been popping out update so fast and it only get better I have only opened scal to change some files so they can be used in MTC. I don't know about every body else but I am very happy I bought MTC. Scal is trying to copy everything andy has added to MTC but he seems to be getting things out faster that they can. I hate say how long it had been before they started trying to upgrade,.. Oh wait a minute I think they saw what Andy added then coppied.
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  • eleanoreleanor Member Posts: 30
    I also have the latest Corel and Illustrator but prefer Inkscape because it is so much easier to use.
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