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Zing has a cutting "gap"

Before buying my first cutter, I tried the free versions of 'Sure Cuts a Lot' and 'Make The Cut' & didn't like SCAL but REALLY liked MTC so purchased my Zing with MTC in 2014 (second hand, barely used).   It has been a good, sturdy, reliable machine til now.  My Zing has just stopped cutting throughout a 3 ½ inch wide strip of every project! The cutting mat moves in and out  of the machine perfectly, the cutting head moves left & right perfectly, but the cutting blade lifts off the card around 4 3/4 inches and goes back into the card around 8 1/4 inches with no connection to the card between those points, leaving a 3 1/2 inch strip the full length of the card completely uncut.  No lines in the 3 1/2 inch strip are cut at all.  There is nothing physical visible that should cause the moving head to lift or prevent it being lowered to the card in that area. Cuts that start either side of those points & should run through are clean up to the point where the head lifts & recommence cleanly from the other side of the problem area. I tried a number of different cutting files & mat configurations but all present the problem. I left the machine turned off overnight & retried this morning. I uninstalled & reinstalled MakeTheCut in case it was the issue, but the problem persists.  I am in South Australia, and can't find anyone who services cutting machines.
1) Has anyone here ever encountered this sort of problem before & if so, how was it resolved?  I did a bit of a hunt through old discussions, but couldn't find anything similar.
2) Does anyone know of a company in South Australia, or anywhere else in Australia, that could service my Zing?
3) If I have to buy a new cutting machine, I'd like to stick with a Zing, but I see that the new Zing Orbit comes with 'Sure Cuts A Lot" rather than MTC.  I didn't like SCAL in 2014. Will I HAVE to change to SCAL if I get the Zing Orbit, or will my existing MTC (Version 6.4.1 on a Windows 7 PC) drive the Orbit?

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  • Patti_QueenbeePatti_Queenbee Posts: 3
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    Thanks Crazy_Mr_Zing.  I use a USB cable to connect my Zing to my PC and I'm not a fan of WiFi, so when you say "a zing orbit you would be able use make the cut in a limited way" what sort of "limit" do you mean?  If the only "limit" is that I would need to connect the Orbit to the PC using a USB cable, then that would be fine, but if there would be functional limitations as well (things the Orbit would not do that my Zing does using MTC) that would be problematic.

    I will give the demo version of SCAL another try, but I did NOT like it when I tried it in 2014.  The software programmers who put together MTC seem to think like me - Things are mostly where I expect them to be & perform mostly as I expect them to perform.  SCAL seemed to do all the same things, but were harder because the programmer had a different thought process.  I could get used to it, but I LIKE MTC, so if I can keep using it, I would prefer it.

    Not sure about a "electronics repair type store".  Adelaide doesn't have "general" electronics repairers - Repairers specialise in TVs or sewing machines or computers & tend to be very specific about what they will & won't touch.  Would you recommend I try a computer, tv or sewing machine repairer?  I definitely don't do hardware, so would need a professional to disassemble the machine & put in the part, but at least with the info you've provided, & can point out the likely problem part.  I have no idea how to get at it, though.

  • Patti_QueenbeePatti_Queenbee Posts: 3
    Accepted Answer
    Thanks Liz_A.  Between your answer and Crazy_Mr_Zing's, I now have some hope that it can be repaired.  I'll email SkatKatz since I can't see the cable on their website.  They're in Victoria while I'm in South Australia, but if they are familiar with the repair, maybe they can also suggest someone local to do it for me.  I checked YouTube for a video of the repair, which might allow my husband to try it, but couldn't find one, but if SkatKatz can provide instructions along with the required part, he MIGHT be prepared to try (he solders a lot for his model trains)
    I did download the trial version of SCAL last night and still REALLY don't like it & it would put back my design skills enormously to have to change over, so I thank you both very much for your input & giving me something to try to get the machine going again.  It is greatly appreciated!


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,325
    edited July 29
    This is most likely that the data cable has failed on your zing
    it a wear and tear issue the data cable is the flat cable that connect to the carriage and control the up/down of the blade
    The cable develops a break and this breaks the circuit to the carriage at certain point in the right to left travel

    This part is available for purchase

    I not sure if Skatkats stock the part or offer a repair service

    but I know KNK have supplied users in the past with instruction of how to replace the part
    It involved the use of a soldering iron if you unable to do this maybe there a electronics repair type store that may do it for you

    As Make the Cut has not been update in year it does not fully support any of the new model cutters
    If you were to purchase a zing orbit you would be able use make the cut in a limited way 
    Direct usb connection only
    Print and Cut would Not be possible

    Only SCAL offers full support
    Scal Has had quite a few upgrades since 2014 it is quite capable software though still take a little adjustment to swap over from MTC
    Sandy Has a Great User Manual that should make the transition easier

    A free 15 day demo is available should you wish to try it out
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