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Comment if you STILL! love @andy and @SBryanW

marsmars Member Posts: 1,118
Yes I miss the webinars - but after I got proficient with MTC!  I just really liked hanging with the MTC! gang on Tuesday evenings.  I saw the same questions get answered lots of times but never tired of hearing @SBryanW PATIENTLY answer the question again for a new user that was seeing it for the first time.  I miss hearing about @andy 's children and hope all is well with Ann and the kids.

So i just wanted to say how much I appreciate the great program and the support you both have always given us.

I still love you guys!!



  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,407
    I'm with you - I agree they have done us proud over the years and nit picking because they are having a break is very unfair.  This group have been a family affair and we have all felt welcomed and inspired by it.  Hopefully the holiday will mean Andy has time for his family and he will come back fighting fit!!
    Have fun, Di, ID 14610
    UK, Cameo, Serif Draw, Win10.
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  • tvoss123tvoss123 Member Posts: 212
    i think that Make the Cut and its supportive family is my favorite program ever.  The support group is just plain fun to visit.  I am more than happy to purchase a new Make the Cut Pro or whatever comes out next. Sometimes a business model proves to be unworkable and has to be scrapped.  All my thanks to the program and its makers.
  • Rosie0530Rosie0530 Member Posts: 3,108
    Totally agree here with everyone. I have had so much help and seen so many great ideas on this board, not to mention that MTC is the best program ever and I had SCAL when it first came out. I really appreciate everyone here who has been so kind to new people and those if us who are not so talented. I make a ton of cards every year and scrapbook every week, and I am in love with this whole program and the gallery. Thank you Andy and BryanW for making it work and for the rest who have made it so user-friendly.
    Rosie in VA. originally from PA. Proverbs3:5,6
  • debemacdebemac Member Posts: 202
    This program spring boarded me into many different avenues. I LOVE MTC and the creators! I have other software programs however, this one is still my first choice. I do miss the activity and creativity of new forward thinking enhancements to the program. Things change and for whatever reason . . . people move on. Miss the old days :-) Again, much love to Andy and Brian!!!
  • daffeydildaffeydil Member Posts: 3,003
    I am quite happy with my MTC software and use it a lot but I still miss Andy, Anne, and Bryan.  I learned so much from them here on the forum and with the webinars.  
    I check in on the forum at least once a day.  I feel like I know everyone here.  After so long with using MTC and this forum I feel like we are "family".
  • yupyup Member Posts: 341
    Cant get through the day without checking in at least once.  
  • PennyPenny Member Posts: 2,134

    I also totally agree with everyone. We are the "MTC Family". Hopefully all is well with Andy and his family along with Bryan and his family.

    Hopefully in 2017 we can become active again with the webinars. I really do miss them. There was always some neat tip to learn.

    Penny in Albuquerque, NM "Not all those who wander are lost." - R.R. Tolkien
  • Little_BerryLittle_Berry Member Posts: 5,760
    edited January 2017

    Let's not forget Annie.  <3  <3  <3

    You can't say Andy without Ann.

  • Calgalcre8sCalgalcre8s Member Posts: 2,899
    Loved you then, love you still, always will!!!
  • CarrieCarrie Member Posts: 1,169
    Always a fan, will never change!! 

    image+++MTC fan since December 2009+++~~~Own a Silhouette Cameo~~~ ****MTC is the best PROGRAM Ever!!!**** 1-22-14 Bought PCS! ****A fan of Andy the Amazing Designer, and Ann helping him to get started****
  • linsayscrapslinsayscraps Member Posts: 397
     yup said:
    Cant get through the day without checking in at least once.  

    So true @yup I have just got my 7th anniversary badge today and have been going into the forum at least twice a day for 7 years. In the early days it would have been several times a day.
    Linsay from New Zealand - Just Loving my Zing
  • geordalgeordal Member Posts: 484
    Still love MTC and everyone involved. Use MTC regularly with other software too. I have to have a daily visit to the Forum. I don't always  read but don't always comment!
  • littlebitkaylittlebitkay Member Posts: 145
    I think Andy and Bryan went way above anything developers are expected to do.  I don't see anything wrong with the programs as they are and the support from the forum and past webinars is invaluable.   Thank you Andy and Bryan.  
  • hockeymom2hockeymom2 Member Posts: 8
    I still love my MTC!  had some issues recently and Bryan was AWESOME helping me. It wasn't the software, it was my computer. I use MTC all the time.  I'm constantly making my kids sports team logos and would be lost with out this software.  Thank you again Andy, Bryan, Ann for the awesome program!
  • scraphappyinpascraphappyinpa Member Posts: 306

    I'm perfectly happy with the program and the support I have always received over the many years.  Like everyone, I like to see new features, but it doesn't change the fact that MTC is a great program just the way it is now.  Andy and Bryan have made it easy to learn MTC with the volumes of tutorials along with maintaining the forum.  No complaints here.  Hope all are doing well.

    Lynnette Count your blessings and live each day to the fullest because tomorrow is not guaranteed.
  • lonestarlonestar Member Posts: 57
    MTC is my go to for designing.  It has saved my sanity quite a few times.  I don't post much but often search here for answers to my questions.  It's like a treasure box in here.  I'll keep using MTC as long as it continues to work with my computer.  
  • kjsalsmankjsalsman Member Posts: 897
    I love my MTC...Use this program daily...in my eyes there is no other software available that compares to what I already own. Andy was ahead of his time in development of this software... Bryan has done an excellent job with the webinars and I feel if you have a question, you can find the answer easily by viewing the past webinars or coming to this forum. Updates keep up your interest but are not stopping us from our creativity with the use of MTC. Thank you also to Julie and everyone who has dedicated their time over the years, there is nothing not to love about MTC!
  • ritreritre Member Posts: 32
    mtc is a great program and andy a solid programmer.  when i bought the program, i was so happy about what the program could do, plus, it was affordable.  the wealth of instructional videos are in abundance.  there is no other diecutting software that compares to the volume of help that is available from the webinars.  in fact, i always rewatch the videos where andy explains the software.  he is very clear.  additionally, i enjoyed how bryan explained the software and how to do certain things.  he is also was very clear. to me, mtc seemed to have paved the way to encourage other diecutting machine manufacturers to allow the cutting of svgs without having to pay for their canned images.  corporations were greedy in trying to nickel and dime everyone for every image a person needed to use.  mtc made it affordable for crafters who love what they do, be able to do it! im a happy camper!
  • pigtailpatpigtailpat Member Posts: 1,515
    I don't understand why all the negativity regarding Andy/Ann/Bryan. We can't know what is going on, and instead of making it a negative frame of mind - it might even be a positive thing. Personally, I see the two areas of plotters and sewing/embroidery machines merging, and it is happening very fast now. I wouldn't be surprised if Andy had been working on an embroidery facet to .mtc. He is that talented and probably could do it if he wanted. So unless there is a specific announcement that he is retiring from what he created in .mtc, I wouldn't worry too much about it. What can you do while you wait? Look at other programs and get creative INSTEAD of negative!!

    Cuts with Gazelle, PNC with silhouette.
  • KSGKSG Member Posts: 1,566
    I will always respect Andy, Ann, and Bryan. Love, Love, Love Make The Cut software!!! I have been praying for Andy and Ann with a whole heart sense their daughter was born for each of them, their family. As for Bryan well he is just wonderful and always so patient with me, all of us, praying for him as well always. No other software owners have met their customers needs like Andy and  Bryan have. Thank you just don't seem to cover how I feel...
  • SusanSSusanS Member Posts: 215
    I enjoy the program I have and will look at other options when I need a new cutting machine.  People's lives change.  That must be what happened here, as this program is no longer being supported by the owner.  The owner made a great program, charged very little for what it does and he has made whatever money he has wanted from it.  There is no guarantee that other programs on the market will continue to upgrade as new machines are purchased.  I say enjoy what you have and look elsewhere when the need arises.

    Sue OH Follow Me on Pinterest Independent Stampin Up demonstrator
  • scrappingmom2007scrappingmom2007 Member Posts: 1,433
    Make the Cut is still my go to software program.   I think Andy/Ann/Bryan have done a wonderful job.   I hope one day Andy will have time to update this fabulous program.    But I know how crazy and fun life can be with small children. Until then I will keep enjoying MTC.    Thanks again Andy, Ann and Bryan for all you have done for us.   Just wanted to mention like others, I would be happy to pay for an update.    I have got more than my money's worth with MTC.
    Pazzles Vue and Silhouette portrait owner.
  • jesprattjespratt Member Posts: 55
    Ditto to what nearly everyone else says here. MTC is my favorite design program. I love the great tracing feature and how easy everything in the program is to use. I've even used MTC lately for the starting point for some 3D designs. I also would gladly pay for an update or a Pro version - especially if it included a plugin for the Force.
  • meenameena Member Posts: 424
    MTC is my favorite program and has totally changed the way I quilt. I also miss the webinars and miss hanging out with all of you. I would also gladly pay for an update. 
  • GardendogGardendog Member Posts: 309
    I love my MTC and just gave the copy that came with my Zing to my daughter so we can do it together, since I already had the program. There is so much I still have not learned and hope to take the time to watch more of the webinars. Thank you so much Andy/Ann/Bryan for all the help over the years. 

    I would be happy to buy a pro version or pay for upgrades.
  • milliejsmilliejs Member Posts: 267
    I agree with what you all have said.  I love the program also...I just felt bad that there was no communication.  With that being said...I hope all our "friends" are doing well in their new lives and that they will not forget us either.

    Millie Speck Zing/KNK Dealer A Speck of Charm & Farm Love cutting up
  • SarahbellumSarahbellum Member Posts: 386
    I have tried several programs...always come back to MTC.
  • ahuntingahunting Member Posts: 652
    edited January 2017
    Love MTC!!! I have four cutters.  This is the program I use to make files to cut for all of them.  Hope I never have to do without it.  Will gladly pay for new update. ps.  Miss the old days forum but thankful for those who hang out here now to help!
  • KwiltKwilt Member Posts: 1,360
    Oh My Goodness!!! Without a doubt!!!  LOVE-LOVE-LOVE @Andy @Ann @SBryanW !!!! I LOVE MTC!!!  Never will give up hope of their return. Never will give up my beloved program for anything else.  <3
    Proud MTC Member Since: 12/25/2009

    LOVE ♥ LOVE ♥ LOVE MY 15" KNK MAXX!!!!
  • susanwitsendsusanwitsend Member Posts: 70
    Please...have been away for a while...I've always been so very impressed with Andy and Ann.  What happened??
  • BAKED453BAKED453 Member Posts: 34
    I love MTC and @Andy @Ann @SBryanW and the community here. I received SCAL with my Silver Bullet , but MTC has my heart.
  • darlenemcgdarlenemcg Member Posts: 326
    Still my go to program even though I have other software - life happens and wish them the best with their new endeavors 
  • pixelpusherpatpixelpusherpat Member Posts: 305
    Love MTC.  Definitely my base cutter program.  PLUS!  I have become so comfortable with it that I also do a Lot of node editing within this program. Great advice and help and training.  Much thanks to their creativity and all of the time that has been spent for all us. 
  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,407
    @tuicarlos - you can't change the converted to your belief system.  We each feel as we do because for us it works OK and we have limited expectations.  For you it would be Corel draw or other high end software; but although I have Corel Draw 7 I don't use it.  I like simple not complex.  I think that goes for most on this Forum - if it does the job then its not broken so why tinker and risk it.
    Have fun, Di, ID 14610
    UK, Cameo, Serif Draw, Win10.
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  • Laura FremontLaura Fremont Member Posts: 211
    I still use MTC whenever I'm paper crafting.  It's absolutely the best program in my opinion.  It's user friendly too.  I have nothing but respect for Andy, Ann and Bryan!
  • mommahobbitmommahobbit Member Posts: 3,068
    and to think MTC all started because Ann said to Andy one day ..... I wish my cutter could do such and such. They went through Hell for MTC and deserve all the respect and hugs we can muster!  I love my MTC even tho i have been away for a couple of years I have NEVER strayed very far. I am looking forward to getting my cutter up and running again. I bought SCAL and MTC the same day those many many many years ago. I think i have opened SCAL twice. MTC is my happy place !
  • Reba1Reba1 Member Posts: 3,626
    Love my MTC and original ZING. I actually use MTC more for designing (my cakes) than I do for cutting now days, but I still cut once in a while.  And next month I am doing a workshop for an organization and I will be cutting LOTS of templates for them to use. 

    I don't come into the forum much anymore - now that I am retired, I don't have time for ANYTHING!  :)  
    ...Rebecca - "Zen D Zing" user (N. ILLINOIS) Public Flickr album (MTC): http://tinyurl.com/33cgstz Public Flickr album (cakes): http://tinyurl.com/y8d8ztl
  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,407
    @tuicarlos  Hate to say it, but you are trying to convert people from one belief system to another - doesn't work - but I know where you are coming from.  Looks like you are in the minority of the sane!!  The rest of us are as daft as brushes - LOL.
    Have fun, Di, ID 14610
    UK, Cameo, Serif Draw, Win10.
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    Feel free to use anything in these links.
  • wannacutwannacut Member Posts: 67
    @tuicarlos I have been following this discussion for a while and understand your arguments. It is very brave of you to have some criticism when there are so many emotional posts with a display of affection for mtc, and it seems that many of the fans are not open for a true discussion. After all, your arguments are good ones and you did not attack or insult anybody.
  • AnointedHandsAnointedHands Member Posts: 797
    I love this program and use it instead of Draw or Illustrator for vector work. I appreciate all the hard work they put into developing and updating it. 
  • threedawgmomthreedawgmom Member Posts: 72
    There is obviously a lot of loyalty to  and passion for Ann, Andy and Bryan here so I recognize that what I am about to say may rub a few people the wrong way.  But while the software is still for sale - the product web page makes several representations about it that are simply no longer true.  It no longer supports all KNK cutters - there are no longer weekly webinars - it is no longer fully integrated with LD - and so forth.  At a minimum - as long as the software is still for sale then the product webpage needs to updated to reflect truthful statements.  Beyond that - add me to the list of people who would appreciate some clarity around what the plan, if any, for the future is.  
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