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Thicker paper/chipboard help needed

walshsurveywalshsurvey Member Posts: 553
I am looking for a thicker paper/chipboard/some other hard material that will work consistently with my zing. I think I need about 1 mil thickness. Bristol board (or poster board for you Americans) is nice but I think I would have to glue 2 or 3 pieces together to get the right thickness.

I am having trouble finding chipboard that doesn't disintegrate while cutting (it literally becomes dust). I bought some from Michael's and it was labeled 50 PT chipboard. It was quite thick (approx 2 mil). But I had some other chipboard that I picked up somewhere and with the same settings it cut like a dream. It was thinner but seemed to have a different construction. Where do you get your chipboard and how do you know if it will cut nicely or not?

I like cereal boxes but I am doing a lot of cuts and the cereal boxes I have are all different thicknesses and I don't want to keep adjusting to get it to work.
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