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CanNOT get Cricut to find computer/ vice versa

newgracenewgrace Member Posts: 9
edited January 2011 in Help for Make The Cut
PLEASE help! I've had MTC for over a year now and made several projects w/ it... I just made Christmas presents w/ it early December. Then went to make a second batch mid-December and my Cricut no longer can tell it's hooked up to my computer. Ugh. I updated my firmware on my Cricut Expressions to be 2.3.4 and my MTC to 3.2.0. I updated the MTC drivers. No luck. I was out of town so I just came back to it and REALLY want to give my, now quite late, Christmas presents to friends this Friday.

I'm using Windows 7 on Parallels on my Mac... I tried tonight to use the trial version of Design Studio to see if I could get Cricut to see my computer that way. But, after installing and uninstalling numerous times, CDS won't even open on my computer (a Windows 7 issue?).

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!


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