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washing items with vinyl

ttownttown Posts: 14Member
edited November 2010 in General
I have some glass mugs, and glasses, and cake carrier I want to put vinyl initials and dots on. I have th outside vinyl which is suppose to stick longer. Do these items need to be handwashed only? and will they stand up to handwashing. Also I have some car tags I want to put vinyl images on. These will stand up to rain, etc. correct? I am new at this so I am welcoming your comments. I wanted to enter a local craft show also. I want my products to stand up to what the people pay for. Would hate for them to by a cake carrier and everthing come off when you wash it. :) etc


  • MaxineMaxine Posts: 4,009Member
    i used outdoor vinyl on my suv windshield and have run it thru both manual and automatic carwash many times
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  • MaxineMaxine Posts: 4,009Member
    im going to put some viny on a glass tonite and run it thru the dishwasher I'll let you know how it goes
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  • neldanelda Posts: 11,637Moderator
    I have vinyl decal on my car for about 4 months now, no sign of pealing. One is even just contact paper, not even vinyl!
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  • kittskikittski Posts: 1,339Member
    Heat could be the problem with the dishwasher. I would recommend hand washing just to be safe. You should be fine using the outdoor vinyl.
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  • MaxineMaxine Posts: 4,009Member
    i put a strip of outdoor vinyl (black) about 1" x 3" on a glass drinking glass , a plastic drinking glass and a coffee cup. I put the glasses on the top rack and the coffee cup on the bottom and ran my dishwasher hot as I could...high temp wash , sanitize and heat dry. they all stayed on . Im not sure this would work with small pieces like letters but it worked with the strips for me. Actually it was so hot it kinda warped the top of the plastic glass a little bit but I had it pushed into the rack pretty tight to fit it in (had a lot of dishes to do)
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  • pezadoodlepezadoodle Posts: 53Member
    i have wondered about this myself - so where do y'all get your outdoor vinyl?
  • cleversomedaycleversomeday Posts: 1,182Member
    I researched this a while back and found out that the temp limit for outdoor vinyl is very close to the temp limit of dishwashers. That is why vinyl will work in some dishwashers and not others. If you want to wash your own vinyled things in your dishwasher go for it, but for things you are selling or giving as gifts best to put "handwash only." Then if they want take the chance and it doesn't work out it is on them, not you. Someone on the smartbuygal list (great for vinyl info) puts "Handmade. Handwash" on theirs.
    Marti, some local sign shops will give you scraps for free or a very low cost. If not, then try the usual places...craftvinyl.com, hhsignsupply, signwarehouse, etc.
  • MaxineMaxine Posts: 4,009Member
    I agree with cleversomeday. Its better to cover yourself and put handwash only. But maybe knowing that it held up in a dishwasher and thru the carwash for months will make you feel better about selling it. And my dishwasher is not the best on the market. It is a builders model.
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  • ttownttown Posts: 14Member
    Great information! thanks guys!
  • CeCeCreatesCeCeCreates Posts: 1,869Member
    Yes, good info. Now how about regular vinyl? Can that be hand washed?
  • NancNanc Posts: 621Member
    LOL...I was expecting to see clothes on the line or a washing machine pic.
  • PapilioPapilio Posts: 63Member
    Generally speaking it's not advised to wash vinyl. As was mentioned above, the heat from a dishwasher can have some pretty nasty effects on the adhesive of the vinyl. There's much less concern about fading, or dilluting colors than there is about actually weakening the glue that holds the vinyl on. Enough exposure to water, especially hot water can ruin the adhesive properties of the vinyl all together.

    With a nice, thick coating over the vinyl you can definitely make them washing machine friendly, but I agree with the "cover yourself and put handwash only" statement.
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  • ttownttown Posts: 14Member
    Papilio what do you mean by covering over the vinyl...?
  • PapilioPapilio Posts: 63Member
    You can use a Laminate to cover the vinyl. Laminates can either be "hot" - needing a Laminating machine or similar, "cold" which means peel and stick, applying over the vinyl or as an aerosol or liquid, allowing you to spray a layer of protection over the vinyl.

    If you put Vinyl lettering on say a perfume bottle and then applied a layer of aerosol laminate, you'd cover not just the letters, but the surrounding area as well. That keeps water from seeping in from the top and potentially ruining adhesive. Also, on interior Vinyls, like Oracal 631, or even the stuff we make at Papilio, you can greatly extend the life of the decal by using laminates. They protect colors, weatherproof the image and can change the overall look of the decal. If your vinyl is glossy, but you prefer matte, a laminate sheet can do that.

    Most times it's not necessary to laminate outdoor vinyl, but in applications where it's going to see heavy water, or even be submerged it's not a bad idea.
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