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Screen keeps freezing??

cjcj Member Posts: 30
edited January 2010 in Help for Make The Cut
locks up and i can't cut...or make any button on MTC work?? But my computer is not frozen just the MTC ???


  • cjcj Member Posts: 30
    ok not sure what is going on now it works LOL guess it just took typing the problem
  • cjcj Member Posts: 30
    and still doing it?? am i doing something wrong?
  • CrzyCraftLadyCrzyCraftLady Member Posts: 102
    Are you working on a big file that might just be taking a while to work thru ?
  • cjcj Member Posts: 30
    i am using the big12x24 sheet maybe that is it....still doing it today
  • mom6hsrmom6hsr Member Posts: 277
    mine froze on me once. I had the 12x24 mat and a very large design...
    can you break your design down into more mtc files and only use the 12x12 mat, to see if that is the problem?
    just trying to narrow down the possibilities
  • craftydivacraftydiva Member Posts: 265
    I find that I have cutting problems when I either weld but we all know there are problems with that at the moment so I am not so worried yet and also when I make wording really small....like around an inch has anyone else had a problem with anything like this? I don't know if it was something I was doing wrong but I was using the 'victorian' font and was trying to cut a 21 to go on a greetings card (hence the small size). I am positive Andy is working on our behalf and when he has something for us he will pass it on to us.

    Trying so hard to wait patiently...lol
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