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How can I see all the pictures I. mtc I stand?

Mirretje1Mirretje1 Member Posts: 34
edited January 2010 in General
Now I have all the files I have stored in the MAC folder, one by one click. I really want this all at once seen standing in the folder of MTC. So not only text but also pictures. Otherwise this is a pretty long and that I have no patience, so I want everything in one store to view all images simultaneously. I have windows 7:) o Who knows who or what player viever here I need to be able to see all this?


  • goCricutgogoCricutgo Member Posts: 83
    This would be helpful, it takes forever to go thru MTC file
  • mom6hsrmom6hsr Member Posts: 277
    May I suggest when you download a mtc file you organize it by what it is? Once you do that, this will 'narrow' down your files to sort through. Also, naming the file what it is helps. There is one in the mtc gallery, that has a monkey and a flower and a penguin all in ONE mtc file. (very nice by the way, thank you!) So, I named it : Monky+Penqn+Flw.mtc. I saved it three times in 3 seperated file folders:
    A ape monky chimp
    A penquin

    So, now when I want a penquin, I go to my Animals folder then penguin. (A is for Animals)

    I know this will be time-consuming, but if you only download the files you really want and do a little every day, or so often, you can keep up. I spend time each day downloading the new ones I want. My folders are filled already with over 454 files and 145 folders... and I bought MTC I believe the 3rd day it was out.
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