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Problem with CDS after installing IE7 and new MTC

susan_ID2293susan_ID2293 Member Posts: 2,919
edited January 2010 in General
Hi I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. After installing IE7 to fix the problem with downloads in the Gallery, I cannot start my trial version of CDS. I simply get a Windows error that says Cricut Design Studio has encountered a problem and needs to close. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the CDS several times now and cannot get it to start. (I have even downloaded a fresh copy)

I looked at the trace.txt file under the Cricut user directory and it has the following code:
CP 0001
CP 0002
Not found

Does anyone know what this means?



  • GaTechGalGaTechGal Member Posts: 898
    I'm not having that trouble. Hmm. You might try contacting PC (yeah I know what a pain) but I don't think I'd mention MTC.
  • SharonS_579SharonS_579 Member Posts: 167
    I get that same error with the full version of MTC, but I am on Windows XP. I finally submitted a support ticket to ProvoCraft and got an email saying they got it and someone would contact me in 3 days - haven't heard anything yet.
    Sharon Greenwood, Indiana
  • susan_ID2293susan_ID2293 Member Posts: 2,919
    Hi - I am also on XP. I went back and removed IE 7 and MTC and still had the same problem. Also the MTC uninstall did not work, so I had to try and manually find all the program files.

    I then tried to reinstall CDS. It worked once and then I started getting the error messages again.

    I am now going to go back and restore my computer to Dec 1 - before I did anything Cricut or MTC related and then see what happens.

    I also looked at the Cricut message board and others are having the same problem.
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