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Material suggestions for non-slip adhesive "feet" to keep things from sliding around on my desk?

lumaluma Member Posts: 2
I occasionally design and build 3D-printed stuff that will sit on a desktop (or tabletop or whatever).  Here is an example of a touchscreen controller that is typical of the sort of thing I'm doing.  What I'd like to do is to cut an adhesive "foot" that I could stick to the base which would prevent the thing from slipping around on my desk.  I'm thinking something like this might work, but I'm curious if anyone has any solutions they've found to work well w/ the Cricut.

I'm using a Cricut Maker and don't mind buying a suitable tool for this project if a particular material requires it.


  • lumaluma Member Posts: 2
    Well I've never been a patient man so I went and ordered some 1/16" adhesive-backed neoprene foam which was just the right size for the Cricut. I had just printed a charging dock for some Valve Index controllers, which works super nice but was sliding around my desk like crazy. I took the outline of the base of the dock, pulled the edges in by 1mm, and then cut the result on the Cricut. Worked a treat! The dock is now rock solid and super-grippy, no sliding around at all on the desk.

    I used the Light Grip mat and the "flex foam" material profile in CDS. The standard roller cutter did the job nicely with no flaws in the cut. This is for sure going to be how I finish the bottom of desktop parts! It looks great, it's easy to do, the material is cheap, and it holds things in place.
  • AnointedHandsAnointedHands Member Posts: 804
    @luma What material did you use to stop the pieces from moving? I have a purse hangar and the material on the bottom has come off causing the hangar to slide off the table and my purse to hit the floor.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,357
    @AnointedHands - I would look for a rubber material, could be found in fabric stores, or craft stores like Michaels. Or ever the foam media that is quite rubbery in feel.
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