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Maxx Air 24" wont go to origin

CraftyleniseCraftylenise Member Posts: 1
I have the Maxx Air 24" cutter. I use Make the Cut Software on Windows.At first I was experiencing problems with the cutter just stopping during a cut project and go on pause. I would have to switch it off for the cutter
to lift the blade and return to the origin (right side). I did all the troubleshooting such as reset, updates, using a USB instead of bluetooth etc. I tried it all but it got worse. Today I switched on the machine and now it seems to completely gone crazy. The head will not move to the right side but seems to stop about a third of the way on the right instead of
against the edge. (I have checked to see that the limit stopper (not sure what its called) is in place and passing through the head. It is in place and not loose. The head will not move to the right but moves to the left side. I can move it manually with the machine off but if I do a test cut, it moves very slowly back to a third of the way and then does the test cut
from that origin. It will not allow me to set a origin from the panel by pressing the origin button in offline mode. I am at my wits end and cannot find anyone in South Africa who can assist me with this product. Please help!


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,208
    Since this sounds like an issue with the machine its self, I would highly recommend that you log a support ticket directly with KNK. You can do that from their website found here:https://knkusa.com/support-ticket-request/ - make sure to tell them you are in South Africa.  Your biggest factor will be the time difference.  KNK is in the state of Florida in the USA and are on EDT. 

    They also have their own support forum which can be found on their site here: https://knkusa.com/forums/ You might take a look there to see if you find anything similar that has been posted there.
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,263
    I agree with MeFlick, it definitely sounds like a mechanical problem, and the one person who can help is Ron (or Chad in his place) who is located in the Florida home office. First thing would be to take a video, show the cutter is off and that you can move the head manually left and right. Turn the cutter on, show how it moves, and where it ends up. Show the small test cut you send to it from the computer screen and how it handles that. I believe it may be a data belt issue, but it could be the rubbery tracking piece that runs in the back inside of the "hood" of the cutter. Good luck!!!
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