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Back up your MTC and PCS Registrations TODAY... here's how to find them

SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,539
edited October 2018 in General
In light of the number of people always posting for help with their MTC or PCS registratons AND because, frankly, no one really seems to know if MTC will be around long-term, I decided to start a bit of a campaign to get ALL MTC and PCS owners to PLEASE locate and backup/print their registration numbers, just in case.

Also, thanks to @Crazy_Mr_Zing, it's easier to find your numbers than I even realized. He sent me two new methods that will assist anyone who no longer has their original email BUT has MTC and/or PCS currently installed.  If you don't, then you'll need to use one of the other usual methods.

ALL 5 methods are detailed in the PDF I'm including here. PLEASE... if you don't know where your MTC and PCS reg numbers are located, use this document to find them and save them in a safe place TODAY.  

Final note, the little business card that may have come with the original pin is NOT your registration number and cannot be used to retrieve your registration.  Valid registrations begin with the letters "MTC" or "PCS", depending on the program.  

Remember... It's YOUR responsibility to protect YOUR registration numbers for all the programs YOU value. Get started today.  

Sandy McCauley
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