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Need help with t-shirt design

nittany1994nittany1994 Member Posts: 22
Thanks to D-lite for pointing out that I wasn't hitting a good portion of you guys all here with my original title!!  

I've been asked to create a shirt for "BRA" day as part of breast cancer awareness month.  The tag line is Built to Survive.  I've was thinking about a tool box with a bra as the box. As I'm putting it together, I'm not loving the look, though I still like the concept.  Other ideas are something to do with construction or a female building something, tools in the shape of a bra (like word art)??  I would love to hear ideas from you all on anything different??  I don't want too many layers as I'll be using HTV.  I have white, black and pink shirts. Thank you so much in advance for sharing your creativity to celebrate these strong individuals!  -Nikki


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,249
    @nittany1994 - go back to your original post, and click at the right side of the title and then delete it, and replace it with the text DUPLICATE POST. Thanks! Haven't seen much of our moderators lately.

    Sorry I don't have any ideas for you. I am not sure as a breast cancer survivor if I care for the theme using a toolbox. Also, my oncologist did not like the term "survivor" (given the negative association that word has), he preferred using the term cancer warriors. So maybe that is something you think on.
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