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Print then cut is cutting individual letters and words

vwilburn1vwilburn1 Member Posts: 2
I really need help.. i have care cards that i want to cut. i printed them but the cricut is cutting the words as well as the shapes and i don't want that I've tried to upload as a svg, png, jpg and saved as print then cut, changed from cut to print and it keeps doing the same thing please help.. the image is below if that helps


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,359
    @vwilburn1 - welcome the Make The Cut! forum! Because you have just joined today, and are using a Cricut I am going to hazard you are also using the Cricut software as MTC no longer supports Cricut cutters. So this is not a Cricut software support forum, but I can tell you that you need to tell your software to not cut inner things like the text and only cut the outer edge. I don't know your software because of course we use Make The Cut! (MTC) here, so I cannot give you specific steps. You need to find some other resources for the software you are using - try by going to the Cricut websites.
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