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krystalk84krystalk84 Member Posts: 1
silly question. I am a single mother of a 2 yr old and my son loves Mickey. I was given a cricut expression 2 and I put the little money I do get in to the vinyl to make him the Mickey wall decal but then I went to set up the machine to find out that the right side of the screen does not respond to touch. I can replace the screen myself but I need the replacement screen for it. can someone please help me. I would like to buy the screen only from someone if there is anyone willing to help me. I asked someone on eBay but they have not responded and they are selling there's for $50 with $20 more for shipping. I unfortunately do not have that money. things have been really tight since my father's death after only 2 months of knowing he had pancreatic cancer. I believe in karma and I believe that something good will come out of helping a good person out.


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