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Missing characters on newly installed font

BrendaSBrendaS Member Posts: 759
I have been collecting the free fonts from Creative Fabrica on their 300 days of fonts.  I just installed the Tamiela font which is a true type font.  When I wrote a message to see how it looks, the letters t and n in lowercase show up white while all the other letters are green.  This is not a problem with the uppercase letters.  I did a cut preview and their is a blank spot where the lowercase t and n should be.  Is this something that I can resolve in MTC or is this a creator error and that I should contact Creative Fabrica to resolve.  Any ideas.  Thanks in advance.


  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,500
    edited July 31
    Have you tried it in a word processor or some other app?  Basically just to see if this glitch is only evident in MTC.  In any case, I would contact Creative Fabrica and tell them what is happening.  It is entirely possible that you may have had a download error and got a slightly corrupted file.  They should know if this problem has been reported by other people.  If they say the font should be good, I would try downloading it again.

    And if that doesn't work, you can node edit the font as we did with the Regal font.  You can change the shape and other aspects of the font glyphs.
  • BrendaSBrendaS Member Posts: 759
    @Gabe thanks for the ideas.  It worked fine when I installed it in word.  I deleted and reinstalled in MTC and the lowercase t and n are still a problem.  After much playing (since I am not very proficient on problem solving), I found that there were some extra shapes in the valleys of the t and the n.  Once removed those the letters were fine.  But, those changes would not be permanent to the font, correct? Is there a way to make them permanent?

  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,320
    edited July 31
    You would need to use a font editor to alter the font
    font forge is a free font editor that works quite well though is not that intuitive on operation 

    Maybe your issue will eventually be resolved
    MS just pushed a bug fix for font issue on 32 bit application windows 10
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,986
    edited August 2
    @BrendaS - remember that fonts:

    - are not created primarily to be used and interpreted by a program like MTC, which makes a cutting path from the data it can detect in the font file for each glyph chosen

    - are created primarily for the print industry or printing - if it prints fine, there is really no motivation for the developer to "fix" the font, although I would be interested to hear what their responses may be =)

    The simplest fix is to add your words using the separate by glyph feature, select the ones that don't look right (white instead of green) and use the Fuse 'n Weld option to have MTC fix them.

    We experienced this issue with a very popular font years ago - Regal font, I believe it was - and many members of the forum participated by each taking some letters or glyphs of the font, fixing them and then putting them all together into an MTC file, so that we could use the "font" but not have to go through the bother of the fixing ourselves. Julie championed this little project, and she also hosts the fixed file through her Yahoo group. I have been advised that this in an inaccurate statement, and the project was not championed by Julie, but by other members of this group.

    So...maybe you could check all the glyphs and fix them, and then offer up the font in an MTC file!!! =)
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  • BrendaSBrendaS Member Posts: 759
    Thank you everyone for the information.  I only play with my Zing and MTC a few times a year so I do not readily know how to fix odd problems.  Sometimes I remember reading something on the forum and will hunt for the answer there and in Sandy's wonderful manual.  Other times I am just looking for the right words or a nudge in the direction that I need to take.  Since I received the font for free on a limited special and there is a license with it, I do not know that I can share this font with the group without infringing upon the license.  I did explore the fuse and weld function tonight and that quickly takes care of the problem with the letter t but shuts down when I select it for the letter n.  So there is another thing to explore. I will make myself a note on how to fix those problem letters on a case by case basis and see how it goes in the future.  Again, thank you for the information and suggestions.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,986
    @BrendaS - if you add each character of the alphabet to the Virtual Mat and then save it as an MTC file or SVG file, I don't think it would constitute a copyright infringement, you are not sharing the font, you are sharing work that you created using the font. =)
  • BrendaSBrendaS Member Posts: 759
    @Liz_A there are enough free fonts out there that people can get legitimately that I don't see myself sharing this font, either with or without the corrections to those 2 letters.  Thank you for the information.
  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,388
    If Creative Fabrica doesn't respond, you can probably get a decent enough trace of those two letters from a screenshot. I found the page showing the entire set of glyphs here: https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/tamiela/view/specimen/

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