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Today's efforts!

PippinPippin Member Posts: 39
I'm not going to post under 'masterpieces' because these bits really don't qualify LOL! I setup my Zing yesterday - haven't used it for a couple of years :blush:  I've been having a play today - I don't have any decent/interesting cardstock so I've used some heavy photo paper (will have to go buy some card asap!) 

I had a go at making a couple of boxes (I don't have the embossing tool for the Zing so I hand scored - was a bit tricky for the pillow box - I used a second cut out box to score round the curves which worked ok)

I also had a quick play with print and cut. I hand dye yarn and I've got some ideas for making some snazzy labels ;-) Pretty pleased with my first attempts so I'm going to do some proper work on this idea. These are pretty small - about 2.5" tall

And....I tried cutting out my logo too. OH wanted branded T-Shirts for when we do shows but they work out quite expensive so I'm going to have a go with some iron-on vinyl (something else I need to buy LOL!)

Looking forward to doing lots more with this now I've got my workspace setup!


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