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Cutting complete design not moving up and down

upnativeupnative Member Posts: 120
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Not even sure how to word this question. What setting do I use when I want the cutting to be the how design not move to different cuts on the same design? I've duplicated a design, 3 times on the cutting mat. When cutting the machines moves up and down to complete the same letters instead of cutting one completre design. Hope someone understands me!

Thanks much
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,241
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    @upnative - just want to confirm that you are using Make The Cut! software, and an MTC supported cutter?

    It sounds like you have let's say some text, and you duplicated the text. Let's say the text is MOTHER, and you have lined up on several lines of text, so that each letter is in the same place.

    When you cut, it will cut all the R's first, going down cutting one by one. Then it jumps back up to the E and cuts them all, then jumps up to the H and cuts them. Is this what you mean?

    Know that MTC cut order starts on the right and moves left, cutting inside shapes first, so the inside of the O would be cut before the outside of the O. it will also cut in order of when placed on the mat, going left to right. This is why the R cuts first. You can see what the order will be by selecting all, then click Advanced, then View Path Detail. If you don't like that, you will have to move things to their own layer, hide layers and cut what you want to cut first, hide, then show another layer, cut, hide, and so on. Hope that helps!
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,241
    PS Managing the cut order was on the wishlist. Sadly it was never added to the program. You might consider purchasing SCAL as it is being constantly updated, and has more user controls.
  • upnativeupnative Member Posts: 120
    Thanks, you understood me!!! 
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