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How to correct KNK Zing not making square cuts

My 45 degree blade was dull and so replaced it with a new 45 degree blade. The blade tip protrudes minimally beyond the opening of the blade holder and allows a test hand cut through a sheet of my 48lb paper. However rectangular cuts are not square. There is excellent tack on the cutting board plus I us a roller to press the sheet down and I tape down all four edges. The stock is 48lb, blade is set at 25 post-it height, speed is Cut: 11 Up: 11, Force is 65 and Multicut is 1, Blade offset is .45mm and am using the print-and-cut option. Also I have a fomecore surface level with the KNK Zing on each side so the cutting mat doesn’t sag going forward or reverse. I have two jpeg snapshots which show what is happening if that is any help. For the right angles the blade appears to veer up/left/right and then straighten. On others the edges are rounded.

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