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dxf imports scaling issue [Resolved]

curlymarkcurlymark Member Posts: 4
edited April 2018 in Resolved Issues
Hello all,  I have had my Cameo for a few years now but it has suddenly started to import dxf files at a huge scale - hundreds of percent larger than the original.  I create my designs in Illustrator CS5.5 and export as a dxf.  When I open them in the Silhouette Studio 3 (ver3.3.451ss) software, the image is many times larger than the original, so I have to make a handwritten note of the exact size of artwork in Illustrator and then scale it all down in Silhouette Studio (grouping and ungrouping objects as necessary...sometimes I have to settle for the Silhouette scaling it to the nearest fraction of a millimetre which is not ideal owing to the fine detail in my work.

Thanks for any pointers
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