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jgalanojgalano Member Posts: 2
Can you use multiple Cricut machines with 1 Design Space?


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,274
    edited March 2018
    @jgalano - good question, but probably best answered in a Cricut forum.

    Welcome to the Make The Cut! software forum, where we support the software Make The Cut! and it's supported cutters. Make The Cut! does NOT work with Cricut cutters, so that question is a bit beyond the scope of this forum.

    Logically, yes you should be able to use different models with the Design Pace. Cut to several cutters at the same time, technically should work, however I am going to suggest that you will find the response time between you and the website and the cutter will be terrible, from what I have read about people's experiences.

    You would need to run separate browser sessions, and log in to each one. You may find that your computer will have issues as well trying to manage this. Design Space may not allow more than one connection per account (to ensure people aren't cheating them somehow). Contact them to find out the details. I think the answer is several laptops with one cutter attached to each one, each laptop logged in to Design space, IF the software allows concurrent sessions.
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