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Vinyls I can't recall

imcindycadeimcindycade Member Posts: 87
It has been a long time. I went through a lot these last few years and am ready to play again. I have to refresh and even figure out which of all these vinyls I have can be used where! The oracal is easy as is the iron on but I have some that are blank inside and do not remember where I purchased them nor their strength. I am talking huge rolls that I am hoping are at least 651. Any ideas?


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,263
    @imcindycade - Oracal HTV - (iron-on) - I don't think I have seen an Oracal brand of HTV...check it very carefully. HTV has a shiny transparent heavy backing on one side (the side that is ironed or pressed on), and a duller version of the real colour on the back side (this side is ironed to the t-shirt). Other Oracal brand vinyls have Oracal name and the type usually on the backing so fold back a corner of some vinyl to see. Typically if it is shiny, it's outdoors and has 651 or 671, if it is matte, it's indoors and 631. HTH
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