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please help me with a plugin [Resolved]

MeowMeow Member Posts: 584
edited February 2018 in Resolved Issues
Yes, I am back and still with tons of questions :/   I am wanting to start playing around with sketchup and the slicer (or slicemodeler) plugin.  I went online and read how to download and install it.  There is also and SVG plug-in needed in order to export files.  Well, I found the slicemodeler download and downloaded it--or at least I thought I did.  I went to sketchup and to the Windows menu.  From there, I chose preferences, then extensions, and then clicked on "install extensions".  It brought up a file names "flightofideas.rbz".  I clicked on it and it came into sketchup.  However, it has "SVG" in its title instead of "slicer" like I saw on a youtube video I watched.  Do anyone know what I am doing wrong or how I can figure out if I have slicer or slicemodeler installed?  Thanks.
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