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Lost my Silhouette documents after i formatted my PC

Loly1967Loly1967 Member Posts: 1
Hello there, 

I got my PC formatted after it started to run slowly, i backed up every single file in my PC but now i can't find them, i'm not a tech savvy in any way, but i don't know where they could have gone, all my other files are still there. I've already searched EVERY SINGLE folder and i can't find them.

The only silhouette files that are still in my PC are the ones that i saved using this method:

Saved in documents > import to My Library in Silhouette 

The lost documents are the ones that i saved just by saving them directly into My Library in Silhouette

I lost all my recent documents, is there any way to recover them?


  • crazymagscrazymags Member Posts: 7
    I am honestly not that sure, you should have imported this files. 
  • gll5613gll5613 Member Posts: 51
    edited February 2018
    I am unable to determine from your comments what version of Silhouette Studio you are using. Have you recently exported the library to a location other than the hard drive that was formatted? If not, did you save a copy of Studio's program data folder before formatting? On a Windows (Vista or higher) PC, Studio's program data folder is located at C:\ProgramData\com.aspexsoftware.Silhouette_Studio.8.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,246
    @loly1967 - I think if you haven't backed up the folder that @gll5613 has indicated, you may be out of luck. At the least, you should be backing up important files to a thumb drive, or better to an external drive, or a cloud storage.
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