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argg i a missing something

mommahobbitmommahobbit Member Posts: 3,068
Please help ...When i go into my files through the computer system .. my downloads are listed. When i try to import through MTC they are not listed. But yet i was able to take a svg file copy it back to my downloads folder and import it in to MTC. I have the SVG files as they arrived on both a jump drive and the hard drive and can not get into either trough MTC.


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,243
    @mommahobbit - MTC will only display files that it recognizes:

    File => Open - will only list Make The Cut! Projects, or files with .mtc as the extension (what comes after the name of the file)

    You will likely have the simplistic view of your file system, where Windows hides the extension of the file name, so of course you likely can't tell what type of files you are seeing in the computer system. You can fix that in the details of that window.

    So press the Windows logo key then tap the letter e on the keyboard to bring up that window. Follow the instructions here to show the extensions of files:


    Now the files that you have downloaded or otherwise acquired, dollars to donuts, will be ZIP or compressed files. They will have folders and files in the folders. When you extract - take out - the files in the ZIP they will go into their same folder structure wherever you direct them to in that process. When you view a ZIP file in the system window, you can double click it to open and view the contents, but MTC cannot do that. It can only open MTC file and import unzipped files of other types. Does that make sense?

    For SVG files, you must use the File => Import => SVG/SVGZ files option, or as I described on the FB page, have the folder (this does not include the zipped folder - the files have to be taken out of the zipped folder) open where the SVG files are and then click and drag the SVG file right onto the MTC Virtual Mat (window).

    Post back if you are still have issues.
  • mommahobbitmommahobbit Member Posts: 3,068
    I tried the click and drag that did not work :(  I must of extracted properly beause if i copy 1 single svg file back to my download folder I can import it in thru svg into MTC. 
  • mommahobbitmommahobbit Member Posts: 3,068
    For some reason MTC does not see the sub folders the svg files are in I think lol
  • mommahobbitmommahobbit Member Posts: 3,068
    I made a brand new folder and started from scratch   MTC sees them now ..... I know not why or how lol thank you again for all your help
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,243
    It sounds like you were still navigating inside the zip folder, and not the folder that would have been created by the unzip process. I always put the download files in the Downloads folder that Windows creates for each user.

    From the Downloads folder I double click the zip file. In the box that follows it will always want to create a folder in the Downloads folder to put the files in. I don't want them there (because that's too confusing, you will have a zip file and a regular folder with the same name), I want them organized by the designer in folders that I created on another drive, so I change this:


    to this:

    E:\MTC Files\3DSVGS

    The folder the files are in is now here, created by the unzip process:

    E:\MTC Files\3DSVGS\Candy Kiss Treat Box 3DSVG.com\SVG

    Sounds like you are going in the right direction, so Happy Cutting!
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