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Gallery question

Rosie0530Rosie0530 Member Posts: 3,131
Hi there...I noticed in the gallery that the last two pages have designs that can't be seen or down-loaded. Is this my problem only or are others seeing the same thing? I can see the rest but starting with the next to last page there are blocks with nothing showing. Just wondering....
Rosie in VA. originally from PA. Proverbs3:5,6


  • CharoCharo Member Posts: 732
    You aren't the only one.  I sure hope if the gallery ever stops being supported somehow we get a chance to make a copy of all the good stuff there.  I really depend on the gallery.
    Member 30818
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,243
    @Rosie0530, @Charo - the most recent item added to the Gallery is SCHOOL ROCKS!, added yesterday. I can see everything on the last page (try loading the page by choosing nothing but Descending, so the last page becomes the 1st page) and they download. You may have been experiencing problems that originate on your end, or the Gallery was but is resolved now.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,243
    I can see that anything posted to the Gallery from Dec 4 - Jan 10 is a broken link.

    I have contacted Bryan.
  • Rosie0530Rosie0530 Member Posts: 3,131
    Thanks, I'll try your suggestion. I ,too, depend on the gallery. I am not much of a designer. 
    Rosie in VA. originally from PA. Proverbs3:5,6
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