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Has anyone else had issues with the Design Manager?

AbbyRAbbyR Member Posts: 2
I am a new owner of a CD200 Scan N Cut.  I keep having issues with the Design Manager loosing connection to the machine.  I get errors and then I have to go through the wireless connection again.  The machine is connected already, with no issues. The Design Manager will not recognize the machine through the direct connection via USB. I spent 7 hours today going through this 5th circle of hell and only got 3 cuts done successfully.  HELP! I am about to pack this up and ship it back!


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,243
    @AbbyR - welcome to the Make The Cut! Software forum where we support the cutting program Make The Cut! and its supported cutters. Make The Cut! does not support the Brother cutters, and there is no Design Manager in Make The Cut! You will need to find and try a forum specifically for Brother Scan N Cut cutters for the quickest and best answers to your software questions.
  • AbbyRAbbyR Member Posts: 2
    That is very odd.  When I googled Brother Scan N Cut forum you all came up as the top of the list and the only forum.  Sad!
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,243
    edited January 2018
    @AbbyR - not odd at all, whatever you googled, it's likely we have talked about it, addressed it, and it's in our archives somewhere, this forum has been around for 7 years. We come up at the top of list for a lot of things, LOL!
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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,198
    AbbyR said:
    That is very odd.  When I googled Brother Scan N Cut forum you all came up as the top of the list and the only forum.  Sad!
    As Liz noted, this forum is going to show up when you "google" Brother Scan N Cut as it has been discussed on here before.  Same for other cutters out there, the Silhouette Cameos, Provocraft cutters, etc.  Google or any "search" system is going to show you what pops up - whether or not it is actually completely relevant or not to the search.  That is why once you do a search, you need to "filter" out the results to determine if they actually are relevant to your search. Too often, most are not.

    Brother, Silhouette, Provocraft, etc. do not have "official" support forums like this one for Make the Cut software.  Many people find this site when doing a "google" type search, and then ask a question unrelated to the program just like you did. There's nothing wrong with that. However, that's why it keeps popping up in other's searches. We simply try to make sure that a new user is aware of that so they can seek out better and faster help then they may get here.  There are Facebook groups out there that offer support for several of the cutters - not sure if any of them are official or not. If you do Facebook, you might check there for Brother SnC user groups for help as well. There are a few users here who also own the SnC along with other cutters so occasionally someone might show up who can provide some answers but it is outside the realm of what the Forum is here for. Plus, traffic here is not what it used to be since MTC is no longer being updated. Means less people to see and possibly be able to answer.

    If you are a new owner struggling with your cutter then I would reach out to their tech support and see if they can help you. If not, then I would pack it up and ship it back for sure. You can find that information and lots more on the official site found here: http://www.brother-usa.com/scanncut/

    Good luck.
    Go Vols!
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,243
    Thanks @MeFlick for your more detailed explanation!

    What I believe is happening is that more and more people are being exposed to crafting with a cutter...they see things on Pinterest or Etsy or similar, and find out that it was made using a cutter and some vinyl, or paper, for example. Being that the items are so cute or appealing or look easy, they think that this is something they can easily do too. So they research the poll of popular opinion and find information about Scan N Cut cutters, or Silhouette cutters or Cricut cutters. All of these brands are heavily advertised and available in box retail stores, so they are easily accessible, but they do not have the greatest support links, places where people can get qualified answers (for the most part), they don't have a user manual of any merit, if any at all, and pretty much leave the consumer high and dry once the purchase has been made...when was the last time someone got any qualified answers from a worker at Michaels in relation to their cutter questions. For so many purchasers, there is a huge learning curve...how to operate the cutter, how to use a strange new software, how use mats and blades and blade offsets, what paper to use, how to create cutting files, etc. - there is SO much to learn, and it's not like texting or Facebooking with your friends, or sending emails, or browsing the internet...there are some real specific skills and knowledge required. Without an excellent resource like we have had over the years here on the MTC forum, and now also on the FB pages especially for the KNK cutters, so many of these new to cutting consumers are giving up. Now granted I have seen a much bigger investment of learning resources recently coming out of the Cricut world since they released their last two new cutters. Kudos to them, but they still have a very long way to go, previously it was pretty much left up to expert users providing the knowledge and training.

    @AbbyR - do try to find a resource that can help you learn how to use that cutter. It may be a bit of steep curve at first, you will need to master some basic skills, but soon enough you too could become an expert user!
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