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Can I upload a PNG file to the software as my final design?

HASmommaHASmomma Member Posts: 1
I have never used any vinyl cutter before; therefore I am not familiar with the software. If I create a design in another program (Adobe or Publisher), and save the finished design as a .PNG, can I upload the .PNG file to the Silhouette software to be printed? Or do I have to create it from the beginning in the Silhouette software? Any info and tips are much appreciated!


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,905
    @HASmomma - welcome to the Make The Cut! forum, a place where we support users of the software Make The Cut! Make The Cut! will import png files for tracing so that you can cut the shape(s) or use in a print and cut application.

    Silhouette Studio (not directly supported on this forum, although we have lots of Silhouette cutter users here) also supports png. You would open/import from the File menu option. If you are doing a print and cut application, you will need to know what else you have to do in order to do that.
  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,265
    DO you already have sil studio or are you researching before purchase ?
    Sil Studio Basic edition can be trailed free
    The software available for use with any cutter is a important factor in the decision

    You can silhouette studio has a trace function as does most cutting software packages

    Rule of thumb the better quality the image the better the trace
    small images often trace well I aim for above 600x400 pix
    I think PNG file with transparent background are quite easily to get a good trace

    Often trace would be used to create cut line around or the idividual aprt of a raster image
    I really quick example of 2 of several trace option  the fish was a PNG with transparent background

    A good page that seems to cover most thing silhouette is http://www.silhouetteschoolblog.com/

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