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Using my old Silhouette machine for MTC.

I have a new Cameo 3 and my old Cameo.  I have not connected my new machine. 
I am wondering if I can still use Make the Cut with my old cameo once I upgrade the Silhouette program to V4 and use the new Cameo 3 for silhouette files. I would only turn on the old Cameo when printing with MTC and have the new machine off. Does this make any sense? I am willing to purchasethe Business Edition if necessary.  TIA


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,225
    This maybe a question @juliefes can answer fully
    I'm not sure but I thought the issues were caused you had both applications MTC and SS open at the same time and these were overcome by simply shoutting down the either application

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  • SassyLady_LisaSassyLady_Lisa Member Posts: 1,118
    Cameo 1 & 2 still work with MTC. Nothing has changed. Unfortunately, the Cameo 3 doesn't have a plug-in in MTC. You can still use MTC to design and export as a svg, which can be opened in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and up. This is exactly what I did when I bought a portrait. I eventually learned how to use SS and bought a Cameo 3 and upgraded to Business Edition, for all the features added in 4.1. I use SS most of the time now, but I still use MTC when I can't get something to come out right in SS.
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  • bonniehall3885bonniehall3885 Member Posts: 6
    Thank you for the info.  Wonder if they will ever upgrade MTC.  I loved MTC and so disappointed they haven't upgraded the software.  I am going to do what you recommend.  Appreciate your help.
  • Calgalcre8sCalgalcre8s Member Posts: 2,896
    bonniehall3885 ... Just a comment on MTC. Even without an upgrade, I do  everything with this software and my Zing. The list is too long to mention them all: things like scrapbooking, card making, home decor, car decals, labeling (everything LOL), boxes, 3D projects and even school projects for my grandaughter are just a few of the numerous items I cut daily. It has been my go to software from the beginning as it currently exists. Don't give up on it and have fun.
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