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Help with contact and registration.

I purchased a Zing several years ago and have not used it.  I tried it last night and need a registration code.  All of my attempts to contact the company/customer service/open a ticket, etc. have failed.  Any suggestions?  Thanks, Yvonne


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,247
    @Yvonne95066 - where did you purchase your Zing from? An affiliate, KNKUSA direct or privately through someone who was selling their Zing?

    To get a registration key, you need a PIN, which would have been shipped to you along with the Zing cutter if you purchased from an affiliate or from KNKUSA...check the box that it arrived in, it's a business card sized paper with the PIN printed on it. The PIN is then used to get a registration code through an automated process on the Make The Cut! website. If you have not done this process, then a registration code will not be available to you. Please advise
  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,500
    Those part of the webpage you mention were down a week or 2 back maybe they are still ?
    The page for generating a registration code from the pin number (if you have one ) that Liz mentions is here https://make-the-cut.com/register.aspx
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  • Yvonne95066Yvonne95066 Member Posts: 4
    I purchased it from Make The Cut, LLC, in Muskego, WI.  The best I can recall this was in 2012.  I seem to recall setting it up and reading the instructions but I never cut anything with it.  Now when I open it a popup window asks me for a registration code, but I don't even have an activation code to get the registration code.  I found an invoice from 2013 where I had purchased a mat and some extra blades and that had a phone number, so I left a message.  Even emailing su[email protected] didn't go through.  None of the links on the website work either.  The only thing I haven't tried is purchasing another registration code from the website.
  • Yvonne95066Yvonne95066 Member Posts: 4
    I don't have any of the original paperwork that came with the Zing, unfortunately.
  • SBryanWSBryanW Administrator Posts: 5,290
    Hello Yvonne,

    I sent you an email.  You can get your registration key by going to:

    and entering the email address you used when you purchased/activated Make The Cut! originally.

  • Yvonne95066Yvonne95066 Member Posts: 4
    Bryan just sent me the registration code!  Thank you both for responding to my post :)
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