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Hi Whomever can answer..I'm new to cutting machines

David_AntebiDavid_Antebi Member Posts: 1
My wife Janet is a great artist and I want to surprize her by making a picture puzzle  of her art. I saw US cutter, Cricut or Cameo 3 are good cutting machines, am I to understand your program will make these capable of cutting a jigsaw ...if so If I need to make one 1000 pieces can it do that? and part 2 of question...since I don't have a machine I am not a slave to manufacturer, what in your oppinion would eb the better one especially regarding cost of cartridges. Thank you in anticipation of  your input!


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,415
    edited December 2017
    Make the cut software does include a jigsaw pattern generator

    I'm thinking 1000 shape may maybe be more than it can deal with depending of your computer

    You could try the free demo of mat the cut though I'm not sure the demo includes access to the jigsaw creator tool

    What size jigsaw would you be planing to make the machine cutting width would be a limiting factor as would be the material you cut from
    I guess it would be possible to cut in sections but this would require much pattern redesign work
    achieving perfect alignment between the section would be a challenge

    The limiting Factory with make the cut software is the ability to cut to machines
    as make the cut has not been updated for some time it lacks the ability to directly cut to many of the newer machine models , including cameo 3
    MTC is no longer compatible with Cricut due to the maker of than machine taking legal action
    I some case export to software compatible with the machine may be possible

    I'm not quite sure what you mean but cartridges cutting machine don;t print they only cut ?
    If you meaning blades and being able to use 3rd party blades and blade holders
    some machine have a simple clamp type tool holder so allows the use of 3rd party blades
    In some case the genuine blades are the same or similar to very popular brands (Roland, Graphtec)  there cheaper clone blades are available 
    This is something the need to be researched on a machine by machine basis

    I'm wondering if it maybe be a simpler process to try and find a company that does custom jigsaw cutting
    I think a die cut jigsaw cut from proper jigsaw material would produce a better final product

    You don't mention your location but this was the first google result


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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,173
    Welcome to the Make the Cut software support forum. It is for users of the software program MTC that works with a variety of different cutters.  Unfortunately, as Crazy_Mr_Zing noted, it has not been updated in a long while so does not work with all of the latest cutters out on the market. There are a lot of good cutting machines out on the market now beyond the 3 that you have listed so be sure to do a complete research of all of your options before locking down on one.

    @Crazy_Mr_Zing - the "cartridges" that the OP would be referencing would be the Circuit system that has "cartridges" that you inserted into the machine that contained the images that you were wanting to cut out.  This was their original system and the only way to get the images into the cutter. They have expanded beyond the only cartridge based system over the years to work with their online software programs but they still sell cartridges as well.

    David,  I would not now ever purchase a cartridge based system or any other that locks you into their cutters/images like the Provocraft (Circuit) and Silhouette (Cameo) try to do.  You want a cutter that allows you to IMPORT SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphics) at the minimum into their program as well as let you export them out into SVG and other formats.  For example, besides cutters, I have other equipment and programs that will allow me to import SVG files and work with them to create other things (think 3-D printers, CNC machines, etc.)

    You also need to determine what you or your wife want to do with the cutter long term.  Some cutters cut thicker media then others for example so you would want to determine what type of media you want to work with to determine what cutter might work best for you.  Some now have dual heads for writing and cutting, or cutting and embossing, etc. Others will let you do an automatic "print and cut" (where you print from your printer and then use registration marks your cutter locates and cuts it out.)  

    While the Jigsaw puzzle generator lets you generate the cutlines for a jigsaw puzzle, that is all it is really doing.  If you are only wanting to get the cutter to create one puzzle - for the reasons Crazy_Mr_Zing outlined, this may not be your best way to do that.  Good luck.
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