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difference between a weld and a join

When do I use weld vs join


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,173
    Welcome to the Make the Cut software support forum.  I see you just joined and this is your first post. Therefore, I am assuming that you are using MTC software and are referring to the weld and join features in the program. If you haven't already, the best thing to do is to access the User Manual written by @SandyMcC for the MTC program.  You can do that through the help menu from within the program its self or from Sandy's site here and select the one needed based on the cutter and software:http://www.iloveknk.com/support/user-manuals/zing-user-manuals/

    Chapter 7 deals with editing and generally discusses the "join" feature on page 137; Chapter 8 deals with designing and discusses using the Weld tool in subsection 8.06 on page 174 while the "Boolean Join" features are discussed on page 176 I believe. She also has links to videos for different tools in the UM as well. 

    The main difference is when you "weld" two items together - it "combines" them into one solid object. The objects have to be "overlapping" in order to "weld".  Think of a "welder" welding items together.  With the simple "join" the objects don't have to be overlapping"  - it just "joins" them together to be treated as one object - sort of like grouping them.  Boolean Join has several options that you can use to combine objects so that different things are created and its best to "try" them to see what result you get to determine if one does what you want over another.
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  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,415
    when you use them depend on what your designing

    maybe this video will help

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  • Chubby_NinjaChubby_Ninja Member Posts: 55
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    A weld fuses two or more objects together to make a whole, so if you had two squares and slightly overlapped them and chose to weld (Ctrl+W) them you would end up with a rectangle, if you selected join (Ctrl+J) it would remove the overlapped section.

    There is also Boolean Join (Ctrl+U) which gives you more options regarding how two or more objects behave when they are overlapped, to see this in action just select two or more objects that are overlapped and either right click and choose Shape Magic > Boolean Join  or Press Ctrl+U and have a play to see what effects you get.

    Join can also join to paths but not close them, to see this in action just create two paths it doesn't matter what shape they are, they can be curved or straight, now just highlight them both and press Ctrl+J now when you try to select one they will both be selected and will move together.

    Good way to see this behaviour is to have the layers panel open and see how your choices change the layers.

    As a side note to the join option, if you wanted to be able to move shapes and or lines together but not necessarily have them joined you can select the shape/line child layers you want and move them to another layer - think of it as grouping them under a new layer, then instead of having to select all of the shapes and or lines you just select the layer they are under.
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