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Cameo Trouble...

csw4aucsw4au Member Posts: 1
My machine is choosing parts of my cut to not cut :(  It's random and not the same each time, but it's not cutting all the cut lines....any idea why this is happening?  Thanks! :) 

PS--I replaced the blade & the mat this weekend and still happening.... :( 


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,334
    edited December 2017
    Have yo tried to cut using silhouette studio
    What material are you cutting
    if you material well stuck down to the mat?
    Is parts of the pattern in both MTC and Sil Studio not cutting?
    How much use has you cameo had ? If the blade is not lowering in places it should maybe the flexible ribbon cable to the carriage that controls the blade lower/raise has failed
    You may have to contact Silhouette
    although I not sure these machine were intended to be repaired ?

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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,143
    Welcome to the Make the Cut software support forum.  Since you just joined the forum yesterday, and you are referencing trouble with your Cameo  - we need to clarify a couple of things.  First, are you using MTC software or the Silhouette Studio software - free or paid version, etc.  What cameo is it?  (There are several versions out there now) - for example is it an older version 1 or 2 or the newer version 3?  Is it a cutter you have been using for a while or is it "new to you" but a used machine or is it a brand new cutter?  If Brand New cutter then I would reach out to Silhouette for help on their site for example.

    The more information that you give, the better someone can provide some things to explore or places to seek out better help.
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