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MTC files no longer show in windows 10

Always before I could see what the MTC file was. Now All I get is a picture of a piece of paper. I can still see some  older files and what they are just when I save a new one is when I get the paper! I also use to be able to click on a file and it would open MTC with that file. Now I get a pop up telling me i'll need a new app to open MTC file. I went in to pick MTC to open files but it's not in the listing of programs.
Hope this makes since.

Anyone else having this problem?


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,075
    @Bren53 - Hi Brenda - no one that updated their computer on Win 10 is having that issue, LOL, you just need to reinstall or install the MTC Viewer available here:


    It might take a few minutes for Windows to catalogue all the files. Make sure you choose Medium to Extra large icons as your View option.

    If you upgraded to Win10, MTC should still be working fine - did you keep a copy of your version, as if I recall you're still using a Cricut? If you bought a new computer then you'll need to run the install file again, hope you kept all your Cricut plugins in a safe place.
  • Bren53Bren53 Member Posts: 70
    I got it fixed! I had to install again and then tell it which program to open my MTC files with after that everything was good! Believe it or not I finally bought me a Cameo 3! I just got it couple days ago. Haven't even had time to unbox! I've been working on a few things and new I could get them finished faster using what I know! LOL I just did download the Silhouette software and looked through it. We're getting ready to head south for the winter. I'm taking my Cricut with me and will hold off till I get back to start in on the Cameo! I know I know I have all winter to learn but... LOL I cut things for people in the park. Figure i'm better off for right now sticking with what I know! I will be working in the Silhouette software off and on tho so hopefully by the time I get home I will know a little about it.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,075
    @Bren53 - lol well I couldn't imagine going away without bringing my cutter with me! So totally understand. I have heard that you can cut with MTC to the Cameo 3, just doesn't support the dual head function, print and cut.
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