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why will my foil not stick ??

beaniepopbeaniepop Member Posts: 3
Hello again everyone, 

I am getting so frustrated, I've started making cards and some printed books - I then tried using foil with not so great results. my method :smile:

1. using the heat press with laser printer and toner foils - slightly patch results, foil coverage was good but some fine lines no foil would adhere etc tried many paper . stocks and many different pressure settings as well as heating times but still very patchy results 

2. Ive just bought a Foil it machine from Patsy May - Im assuming this is the same as the foil master just rebranded.

On opening the package they have given me a few paper samples, as well as foil , and some ready printed artwork 

using the supplied foil with supplied ready printed art work - came out fantastic the very small line / detail looked gorgeous.

I then printed my own art work using my Bother printer - using supplied foil.

the results again are very patchy and the same as when using the heat press.

Im now assuming the issue is my printer and that it carries too . much silicone within the toner or too much fuser oil 

the printer I have is a Brother HL-L2365DW Mono Laser Printer - always printed on the highest ink  setting. 

What am i doing wrong ? is someone able to point me in the right direction regarding getting a printer that works ?

this is so frustrating as im just not getting the result im looking for, and i've gone through a small forest of paper :) 

any help would be amazing thank you so much 



  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,351
    edited December 2017
    I've not done foiling but i read many people have success with brother printers
    Theres mention of 2 settings best quality and the highest dpi resolution setting, these may not apply to all printers
    One thing I noticed on my other HP printer if i print say card stock with it set to paper the toner adhesion is quite poor
    I guess that the card stock setting makes the printer fuse the toner for a longer time or higher temperature ?
    So I wondering if setting the paper type to something a little heavier may assist coverage
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  • melmomelmo Member Posts: 102
    In your printer preferences increase the toner density setting and see if that helps.
  • HappyCrafterHappyCrafter Member Posts: 2,660
    Are you using a smooth paper like Neenah 80# Smooth or Super Smooth?  Have you tried to "Improve Toner Fixing" under Advanced settings.  This increases the temperature of the printer's fusing process?  If you set the printer to 600 dpi you can also try increasing the density adjustment.  But if you have an HQ1200 setting you will get just about the same results as using 600 dpi and increasing density.  Have you removed the cartridge and gently shaken it back and forth to make sure the toner is evenly distributed?  Does your cartidge have a little green slider that you slide back and forth to keep it clean?  If so have you performed this operation?
    Lastly, not all foil is the same. :)

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  • Mary212Mary212 Member Posts: 1,529
    I am having same problem using an iron set on cotton and a new Scotch thermal laminator.   I used a Brother printer that uses toner.  With both methods there were numerous places where the Craft Deco Foil didn't stick..  
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