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Are you aware there is a fight going on that you should have a voice in?

GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,528
The Battle for Net Neutrality is a real thing.  How would you feel if you had to pay your Internet provider a fee in order to access this forum?  Not pay the MTC folks, but your Internet provider!  Or, and it is a possibility, if you had to pay them for every message, question or answer you posted here or on other forums?  The giant companies that run the Internet, are already richer than you could ever imagine, but of course, they want more money.  MORE!  So they want to end Net Neutrality.  If you don't know exactly what that is, take a look at this very short video.  https://m.imgur.com/r/HighQualityGifs/5Wfeiv2

And then, once you understand that this is a real battle that could wind up costing you a lot more money if we lose, go to this site to register with your representatives that you want to keep the Internet neutral and not allow a few companies to act as "Internet turnstiles" charging us for sites they determine are popular or that are run by their competitors.



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