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Help cutting a stained glass window effect [Resolved]

1cardcreator1cardcreator Member Posts: 843
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@Crazy_Mr_Zing I see you are on line now, I hope you can help me.  Im sure its a mental block for me, I have tried booljean join and cut preview.  My brain does not understand cut preview.  I want to cut a fancy arch into a 6 x 11sheet, all I get is the outside outline, not any of the pieces.  They all cut out ok, but it is cut out, I want it to be left on the 6 x11 sheet.  Not sure if I am even able to explain what I want.  Here is a screen shot, I hope it helps explain.  I want the center removed so it is a window, and I want all the white area to be part of my cut out.  Thanks for anyone who can help me.  ~Diane
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  • 1cardcreator1cardcreator Member Posts: 843
    Well not exactly that either, I want the green inside arch out and the green rectangles gone too, so the white area would show like a window with panes.  ~Diane
  • 1cardcreator1cardcreator Member Posts: 843
    Sorry, I finally figured it out.  I have been working on this for 2 days.  I saw Crazy Mr Zing had gotten off by the time I quit typing so I gave it 1 last go and it finally worked!  I split it into layers before, but not while it was on the 6 x 11 piece.  This time I left it stacked and removed some pieces and it worked.  Thanks anyhow. I don't know how to mark this closed or resolved, but it is.  ~Diane  Here is a pic of what I was trying to say. 
  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,481
    Sorry I didn't see your question when I was online
    Glad you worked it out
    I have the same difficulty trying to word a question to say what I mean
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  • 1cardcreator1cardcreator Member Posts: 843
    @Crazy_Mr_Zing, thanks.  When I started writing I saw you were online, I type so slow you were gone before I posted it, ha ha.  I have a wastebasket full of failed attempts, I was getting really frustrated.  Glad I finally figured it out.  ~Diane
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