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Force or Air Maxx for Fabric? Help, please.

IssaIssa Member Posts: 2
I have been going 'round in circles reading forum posts for the last four hours and I am more confused than ever.

I really just want to be able to cut fabric - mostly polar fleece, and less often other thin knit fabric and felt -- and craft foam. I had thought of purchasing the Force, but read that its greatest strength (the force it can use) is what makes it not suitable for soft materials/fabrics and that the Air Maxx or Zing (which I guess now is the Orbit) could cut them better/cleaner. Is this true?

Also - is the Force replacing the Air Maxx? I haven't been able to find any Air Maxx listed on Australian sites other than the 24" which is currently out of stock and too big for my needs anyway.

Any and all help will be so greatfully received!!


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