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Using rolled up HTV after 3 years

GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,535
Thanks @MeFlick and @Liz_A.  Good to know that it might be possible to uncurl it and use it.  It is glitter HTV and I have several colors.  Very pretty stuff.  I have some friends who are very helpful, but they won't accept any money or other compensation.  

I tried giving one of them a present of a nice little saw.  He took it!.  But later I made the mistake of saying to him that I really liked that saw and planned to get one soon.  At which point he declared that he wanted me to have it because he already had practically every saw ever made and really wasn't going to use the one I gave him.  So, I wound up taking it home with me and still haven't figured out how to repay him for his kindness and help.

But then I thought, "How about a customized shirt with his name on it?  He can't turn that down!"  ha ha!  I just have to figure out what image to put on the shirt.  I know he went to college in Oregon, so maybe a Beaver.  

Or I could make a pair of shirts for him and his wife.  His would say, "I'm with Hot Stuff!"  And hers would say, "I'm with Lover Boy!"  LOL!  In glitter HTV.  Maybe even add a few rhinestones.  Yeah, that's the ticket!

I like that idea, but it does have a serious flaw.  They would look dumb if they wore the shirt, but they were alone.  "I'm with Hot Stuff!" makes no sense if she's not with him.  That could really limit how much they wear those shirts.  Oh well.  Maybe something else will come to mind.
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