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Foil on layered prints

beaniepopbeaniepop Member Posts: 3

Hello Everyone, I have learnt so much from you all, but am now stuck with a way forward.

I hope you can help, Im wanting to add foil to a layered ink project, and have seen this done on similar projects before, 

 Im wanting to print an  image , and then only foil part of the printed image.

I have a laser printer mono - so I’m wondering if I could print the image in inkjet or a different ink - and reprint the part to be foiled in Laser after the first print ?

The only issue I am finding is that the registration/ linking up of artwork seems to always be off by a few centimetres, does anyone have any other suggestions ?

 Thank you in advanced 



  • HappyCrafterHappyCrafter Member Posts: 2,660
    I am currently making my Christmas cards with this process.  I print on my HP for color and then print part of the image on my Brother for the foiling part.  And yes, you are correct--the two prints don't match up.  What I did was first print everything on a scrap paper first to the HP for color and then to the Brother to see how far off the two prints would be.  Then I adjusted the part that was to be foiled so that it would be lined up where I wanted it printed on the Brother in relation to the color print, not what was on the screen.  (On the screen my berries were on top of the leaves, but when I printed on the Brother they were between the leaves where I wanted them).  Then I turned off the layers for the color print and ran it through the Brother for foiling. I also turn off my registration marks before running through my Brother.  Hope this helps.
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,995
    @HappyCrafter - sounds like you have this figured out, and thanks for sharing your methodology!! It sounds very doable.
  • beaniepopbeaniepop Member Posts: 3
    thank you so much - I Will try this, your HP is it an inkjet ?, Im also looking to purchase a 2nd printer for home that would take card stocks thats gives pretty colours, i'm specifically looking to do watercolours on inkJet then foil over.

    Thank you so much for your help :)
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