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Affinity Designer - My New Toy and my No1 SVG exporter.

Hi all, just been playing with Affinity Designer Desktop for Mac (They do a Windows version too), what an app, very easy to use. I have worked out that If you set the document up to be 90DPI and export as an SVG it imports to MTC perfectly, bear in mind I'm using a Mac so it may be slightly different on a Windows PC. Basically I just kept altering the DPI until I got the correct size when importing into MTC, dashed lines import fine and text as curves are clean.

I had another look at illustrator after this and when using Export > Export As... if I turn off Minify and Responsive and set Decimal to 4 I get the correct size. The dashed line from illustrator does not import correctly unlike Affinity Designer whose dashed line imports fine. The problem with the dashed line in Illustrator is it exports the lines as solid part from the corners so you get 4 L shapes and 4 long lines in-between them.

So at the moment I'm shifting towards Affinity Designer as my go to SVG exporter. 

iMac 27inch Late 2015 Fully Loaded, Dell Inspiron 5767 17inch laptop.
Affinity Designer, Illustrator CC, Inkscape, Sketchup, C4D, Blender.


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