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10mil Mylar Plastic Stencils... I need an expert.

FlyjoshhFlyjoshh Member Posts: 1
Im starting a new product line for a stencil 30inx18in. I have the file ready and Im looking to buy a machine to cut it. I have customers that can make 1k to 13k piece orders. That means I need a machine that can stand up to abuse and I think I can pay for it in one of the first big buys... But what machine do I get?

Im new to all of this. I have someone who can make my files. Im only planning on using the machine to make stencils...

If you knew you could pay off the machine quickly and call it a startup cost... Which machine would you get? I dont want to buy something that does way more than I need, just needs to be tough and easy to use. I see the 24in models are cheaper but then Ill have waste on the sides and a higher cost per unit. If I go for the 64in I can do two length wise and get my cost per piece under $4 I think...

Please help!!


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