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How to:edit text in silhouette 4 & cutting vinyl (included my correct cut settings for 4 software)

imajenniusimajennius Member Posts: 1
this is a multi part question, but first off I am so happy i found this community. It seems like people really care and want to help without trying to sell you a $30 book. 
I cannot wait to share what i have learned so far; the funny thing here is that I have really figured out how to do a few things that seem to be really hard!  I was able to ad an image into design studio 4 (this is the only version I have known, which has also made this journey extra fun as most of the tutorials out there seem to be for the older software, but i got my portrait in September and it only came with 4). Was able to mirror the design cut it out of freezer paper FYI I will confirm the settings i used to cut the paper out perfectly, i thought i had saved them but my computer reset (I used the blade at 3, the speed of 2, force of 20 - this is better than the vellum setting and my blade isnt even old.  Thats the image I cut out of freezer paper and placed it on a pair of sweatpants.  Don't forget to mirror the image and cut with the shiny side up..... So thats my tip so far.  I also totally mastered cutting the rhinestone material.  You can do so by making the blade a 7 not 6, bring the speed down to 1, the force remains at 33 and make sure to do a double pass.  This way you are almost guarenteed to get a good cut so you won't be sitting there poking out the wholes of the rhinestone flock paper that comes with the rhinestone starter kit.  Thats where my trouble started.  What is the force setting and why is there no longer a thickness option?  Is thickness now called force? 
Now I am trying to write the word wild flower on two lines to make a onesie.  How do i get the green box back?  I had to ungroup the letters to move some of them around and now i can't get the green box back so i can fix the line spacing etc?  is it not possible?  Is that why people say to write out each line individually?  And do i need to trace my text in order for it to cut out of the paper?  When is the trace too required?  If the file is already a SVG file does it not need to be traced?  And when I do trace what trace style do i use?  And when would i trace a detach i thought you always do that.  But you just trace the image and move it over?
finally i think?  How do you cut and use heat transfer vinyl like the siser brand that comes in a roll with no backing?  I swear I have watched so many bad youtube videos i am loosing my mind!!!  It also too me about two hours to write this post bc i ddint want to leave anything else.  i already feel so silly that I cannot do these simple things and i wanted to make sure i contributed in some way!  So enjoy the cat stencil i made. Please let me know if its not working!  You might have to trace it, bc i dont know how to attach a SVG file.  hey another question?!!
thanks many thanks in advance!
Imajennius AKA Jennie!


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,377
    Hello This Forums support make the cut software which is a independant on any cutting machine maker
    Make the Cut does cut to some silhouete machine and therefore there are some members that have silhouete cutters and some may indeed use silhouette studio

    You may find you get answer to you questions more promptly from a dedicated silhouette forum or facebook group
    http://www.silhouetteschoolblog.com/ seems quite a informative blog though I'm not sure the deal with the portrait
    I think they might be the one offering the book for sale you refer to but there is quite alot of free content
    They also have a forum http://www.silhouetteschoolblog.com/p/forums.html

    I think I'm correct in saying the Basic version of Sil Studio still does not allow import or export of svg files
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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,163
    Welcome to the Make the Cut Software support forum.  As Crazy_Mr_Zing noted - it is a not a Silhouette forum, nor a generic forum and many of your questions relate to working in the Silhouette program.  There is a Silhouette specific forum (it is not an official support forum however) that you can find here:http://s15.zetaboards.com/Silhouette_Plus/index/ - It is a free forum to join and is Silhouette Users trying to help others Silhouette Users - While I haven't checked it out in a while, it was always a nice group willing to help people

    One non-specific question you did ask was about using Siser Easyweed vinyl -

    How do you cut and use heat transfer vinyl like the siser brand that comes in a roll with no backing?"

    Actually, Siser Easyweed has a "backing" it is clear and shiny - so it is the shiny side of the vinyl.  It is used as the "transfer tape" to transfer your design to your material for pressing on to it.  You cut with the shiny side down on your mat, you then weed (remove) the excess vinyl from the backing that is not part of your design. In order for it to cut correctly for you to apply the design, you have to mirror or flip the design before cutting it.  This document will help you: https://www.signwarehouse.com/Miva/PDFs/SiserEasyWeed11_13_08.pdf

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