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Accurate template

Lucas240Lucas240 Member Posts: 2
Ok, this is likely a simple question to answer. Fortunately, I have a patient longtime customer that I am making a custom set of side stripes for on his 2015 RAM 1500. I am wondering what people are doing to make accurately sized decals that follow the factory curved body lines? I have taken photographs with my own camera and I have also tried searching for pictures online with a side view that I could use my measurements to design the graphic over. I have even purchased 2 different vehicle blue print sets. With the images, they are inaccurate due to the lens distorting the image. For instance, If I take a photo of a measuring tape the closer to the edge of the photo the more distorted it becomes, an inch in the middle becomes nearly 2 inches depending on how close the camera was to the vehicle. The blue prints are not precise enough as they are focused only on wrap designs which have a decent margin for error when applying the printed wrap, roughly within a 1/4". The reason I need them to be precise is the stripe follows the factory body line of the vehicle. I have a set on the truck but they had to be "massaged" into place. I am also looking to sell these online which is why doing that is not an option as the customers cannot simply do a basic install.
 I have searched every phrase I can think of and 99% of the time the search results are relating to vehicle wraps or basic designs like lettering. I am currently using Adobe Illustrator CC 2017. I am hoping there is a simple solution that I have overlooked. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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