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Can someone please help me fix the text?

I am trying to line up the asterisks so they are more even with each other.  I would also like to change them to little stars.   But I don't remember how I did this.  Please help???


  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,407
    A couple of suggestions. delete the asterisks and replace with a space or two.  Then grab a star from the shapes icon and size it to fit into the spaces.  Saves a lot of unnecessary fussing about.
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  • PoeticLicensePoeticLicense Member Posts: 189
    Although I created the text in MTC, the rest came from a different software and I don't know how to unmerge them now.  Any ideas?
  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,378
    edited October 2017
    To create the circular text you would use the wrap to path function. Here is a video
    Make the Cut! Software - Wrapping Text to Shapes Tutorial

    I think I would do it this way
    my method a usually over the top so this might not be the easiest way

    I would add some hard spaces (usually shift hyphen key) to replicate the spaces where you want to add the star shapes
    -ensure splitting by glyphs is selected

    so the created text would look like this

    I would use the measurement tool to determine the perimeter of the circle
    Then resize the text so the length matched while keeping aspect ratio maintained
    Now there are 2 options
    - add the star then set it's height to the match the height of the text
       align that star to the position of the hard 1st set spaces
       create a copy of the start and use the arrow key to move right to the position of the
       other set of hard spaces
       use the wrap to path function   
       delete the hard space shapes

    - The other option would be wrap the text using the wrap to path, 
    then delete the hard spaces and then add the stars

    Either way you can use the grid on the mat and the hard space shapes to as guide to achieve correct alignment of the text.

    As for bringing in other elements to MTC, that would depend on what format it is 
    eg if it's a image use the pixel trace function to trace, if it's a vector you maybe able to import it directly. 

    I found a larger version of the logo you're using on google and pixel traced it into MTC.
    I took the extra step of cropping it into a perfect circle but that probably was not really necessary

    Logo trace.mtc
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  • PoeticLicensePoeticLicense Member Posts: 189
    Thank you so very much.  I am in awe of your kindness!
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