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Help with Foiling

abitreeeabitreee Member Posts: 1
Hello all!

I've recently started foiling user a laserjet printer and laminator. My first few attempts worked great (see first image) so I ordered some more foils - some from the same brand and then some other colours from a different brand - and I've just had nothing but fails with it (see second image).
I'm doing everything the same but the whole piece of foil is sticking to the paper. I know the problem isn't toner on the paper as I've used some foil from the original pack and that isn't doing this.

Can anyone offer advice? I'm going crazy here scrawling through the Internet and not getting any answers.


  • hwganghwgang Member Posts: 2,801
    Welcome to the forum. Lots of members here work in many crafty directions, but this is a forum for Make-the-Cut software>

    I don't see any pictures. They would be helpful. Could we know what brand laminator you have and the brands of your foils?
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