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Manually Flushing the Buffer

JacksonistaJacksonista Member Posts: 153
Sounds strange, I know.  I have noticed in the last few months that after cutting one or two different cutting items, on the third or so set of cutting, my cutter will randomly cut a slice diagonally across my surface unexpectedly starting at the 0,0 mark.  A couple of times it has even stayed at the 0,0 mark and gone straight over to the right on the horizontal and continuously cut, cut cut until I rush over to shut the whole thing off.  This has destroyed two of my mats (because it cuts in the same spot over and over directly on the plastic mat until I can get it paused or shut off.

I'm assuming this may be because of Windows 10 updates that have changed a setting and since MTC is no longer updated it cannot make any corrections for updated operating systems.  That is fine as I am completely unwilling to give up MTC and go with SCAL.

My question is: is there a way to flush the buffer manually via the software and get out whatever erroneous data may be causing this?  I am having to shut down MTC and turn off my machine in-between cuts to keep from ruining whatever it is I am working on.

It's been a long time since I've been here, which means life has been good and without issues.  Glad to see the forum still up and running.



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